SGA Minutes 9.19.11

General SGA Meeting
September 19, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
         i. Friend of Freshmen that attempted suicide
         ii. Sr’s and all students with school
II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved
III. Old Business
       a. Open apt policy:
          i. There will be a trial run with the following dates:
               1. September 26- October 7…survey
               2. October 12 at 9PM mandatory meeting
               3. October 14 through December 4…trial run of the new times
               4. November 30 through December 14…post survey
               5. Over Christmas break Student Development will look over the surveys and make a decision
     b. Evaluations:
          i. Paper and envelopes, fill them out and tell us what you like and didn’t like. After you are done, slip it through the suite’s  mailbox!
IV. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Class day…food fight and on Sunday there will be a commercial so if interested then contact Brian! Homecoming idea..the 50’s??
     b. Seniors:  Blood drive will be their service project and it will be on September 28.  Class day…senior cook out and hopefully have 75 people there?? Fundraiser, sell popcorn and candy during Homecoming?
     c. Sophomores:  Homecoming idea…will be turned in soon.  
     d. Preston: Purple Pandemonium is Tuesday at the volleyball game at 6 PM.  Commuter cook-out is this Thursday in front of Mackey at 11 AM-1ish. 
     e. Katie:  The first issue comes out September 21st
     f. Johnna: Elections again  is this week for Freshmen VP and Junior Chaplain…voting is next week Monday through Wednesday
     g. Jim:  Gungor concert is this Friday at 8 PM…Concert meeting was last Friday and it went really well.  Look for emails with helping out for that!!  White Water Rafting is the Saturday and there are 3 spots open now! Leaving Jernigan at 9 AM and probably have sack lunches. 
     h. Jeff: Games started last Thursday and everything is going well. Thinking about changing Ultimate games to nights because a lot of people can’t show up to the afternoon games…maybe do Ultimate games on Monday and Tuesday night and have Volleyball games on Wednesday and Thursday and then have softball all evenings??
     i. Evans:  fill out PR forms please!
     j. Daniel:  October 22 is the Service project!! October 1 (Saturday)  at 10 AM is Breakfast prayer at the New Life Caf at TCC.  1st Confession time for the boys will be soon…been talking to Tony Sparrow.  Monday September 26, Passion live feed after chapel for anyone that is interested in listening and hearing someone speak.
     k. Betsy:  Books are here!! Start giving them out on Tuesday.  Yearbook pictures are going to be this week Tuesday through Thursday from 12-5. Release Party will be  Wednesday in Jernigan at 7 PM, with food and fun times!

V. New Business
    a. Booth sitting for yearbooks and Gungor still!
     b. Semester reports…keep records of everything because at the end you will have to say what you have done and did and what not
     c. Homecoming meeting…check in later
Also this week SGA will get 25% off anything in the bookstore