SGA Minutes 9.26.11

General SGA Meeting
September 26, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Brian J’s gma having surgery again
          ii. Johnna’s brother and sister-in-law going to Africa
          iii. Misho in Bulgaria with brain surgeries
          iv. Tommy and his knee

II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved

III. Old Business

     a. Inside Trevecca Day content
          i. Friday in  Boone at 8 AM until about 9 AM
          ii. There will be about 8 booths for every committee and you want to have information of what your group or committee does.
          iii. Have this content info and sent to Evans by Wednesday night or Thursday MORNING at the latest so then we can have bookmarks printed for Friday morning.
          iv. Banner making part on Wednesday after night chapel if you want to help!
IV. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Class day=food fight at the pavilion on Saturday at 1 PM.  Coronation for Homecoming—nominations ballots are next week (Mon-Thur) AND voting is the week after fall break AND we want to try to get the nominees involved with Trojan Madness 
     b. Seniors:  Blood drive will be their service project and it will be on Wednesday.  Class day…cook out at the pavilion at 5 PM.
     c. Sophomores:  Class day=donuts at CLCS at 7 PM-9PM
     d. Freshmen:  Class day=smore fun at the pavilion at 8 PM-10PM with games
     e. Preston:   Wednesday at 9 PM in CLCS is the first club meeting.  Soccer sponsorship game is October 15
     f. Katie:  October 12 is the second issue and some issues will be about commuters, bikes, and volleyball court and many more!
     g. Johnna: voting is this week Monday through Wednesday. Candidates approved!
     h. Jim:  Concert and White Water Rafting both went really well. Some people dropped out at the last minute for rafting so we got to think of a way that doesn’t happen so then that way every spot is getting filled. Next big thing is Homecoming and the Jon Foreman Concert on November 3.
     i. Jeff: Ultimate is going to stay being played in the afternoons.  Problems with Coach Tyree due to the softball field…hopefully get something worked out.  Homecoming Derby  is October 15…work hand-in-hand with Preston so then we can get people to go to both events on that day.  Sign-ups for football is coming up in about 3 weeks!
     j. Evans:  fill out PR forms please! First committee meeting was last Friday!
     k. Daniel:  October 22 is the Service project!! October 1 (Saturday)  at 10 AM is Breakfast prayer with Panera and flip charts in different areas for different things to be praying for perhaps and it will be  in TSAC maybe???? 1st Confession time for the boys will be soon…been talking to Tony Sparrow. 
     l. Betsy: Party Release thing went well!  

V. New Business
     a. Expense Excel
          i. Look for this coming to you this week hopefully
          ii. It’s an easier way to keep track of finances…every time there is a change of debit or credit, you will fill this out and then it to Riley and Johnna.
     b. Homecoming
          i. Next Monday at 7 is the next meeting for Evans, Riley, Daniel, Preston, Jim, and the class presidents…will decide if banquet should be on Wednesday or Saturday
          ii. Next week come with a theme
     c. Open Floor
          i. Washer/dryer
               1. Right now the ratio is 32:1
               2. Our contract is to have that ratio but we will have a more up-to-date
          ii. Hole outside of the Benson to the right is what???
          iii. Swimming pool…maybe have the thought of covering it and make it a new work out gym for athletes??
          iv. Basketball courts…can student reserve to play in there and who to contact??
          v. Fine Arts building…expensive so the plans for that to happen is in the future
          vi. Still trying to make our way to new tennis courts…its in the works
          vii. Auditorium places for plays…the theatre department will have to be creative of what and how to perform their plays. Could be a positive thing.
Spiritual deepening week is this week….go get chapel credit and you may just get something out of it as well!