SGA Minutes 11.14.11

General SGA Meeting
November 14, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Lauren’s brother is deciding to go to Israel to play bball
          ii. Bailey had a cough attack
          iii. Sam’s brother is deployed
          iv. Tori’s sister has returned from Europe
          v. Dr. Kerr has been sick
          vi. Occupy situation…try to find positive in it
          vii. Penn State ordeal
          viii. Small town in Illinois, little girl hung herself

II. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Service project…Christmas caroling in the Towers with refreshments…     
     b. Seniors:  Angel Tree with KidPower and Blood drive on Dec. 2 for service projects 
     c. Sophomores:  Music City Mission…going to collect food for that later on in the semester.   Going to try to bring back Mr. TNU and make it awesome!
     d. Freshmen:  Service project and fundraising ideas are in the works
     e. Katie:  December 1st is next issue   
     f. Johnna: elections this week….8 positions open now…petitions due Wednesday and voting is Thursday through Monday
     g. Jim:  Pump with the Bump is this Saturday from 8 PM until around 10 PM.  Going to be in Moore and the company will set up and clean up.  There will be a DJ and water for people to drink!    Trojan Idol auditions are finished and we have our final 10 contestants.  December 6 and 8 are the dates!  Judges are going to be Andrea, Ashley Fussell and hopefully Brian from Cadillac Sky?  Hopefully have Hayden host it…we need to start videos of meeting the contestants. 
     h. Evans:  banners are up!
     i. Daniel:  9 PM in TSAC Tuesday is worship, prayer, and communion get together with Refuge.  December 3 is next prayer breakfast at 10 AM.  Chaplain retreat is this Saturday! 
     j. Betsy: next deadline is next week
     k. Rebekah:  Thoughts and ideas are starting! Nov. 22 is commuters Preds game for only $5…must sign up by the 17th to Joyce…you are more than welcome to join as well!  Nov. 17 is the next commuter luncheon.  Nov. 21 lighting of the green and that night have $1 caf meal for commuters.  Decorating for commuter lounge will happen after Thanksgiving. 

III. New Business
     a. We have a new member, Rebekah!!!!!
     b. Inside Trevecca Day is Saturday in Boone from 8 until around 9ish. Get there around 7:45
     c. LEAD…this Thursday at 7 PM and then last one Dec. 9 at 10 AM
     d. Football as intercollegiate sport…
          i. There is a committee called TASK and they talk about what sports TNU wants to pursue and the options can be tennis, swimming, track, or football
          ii. Comments:
               1. Could be great but what about living space? Could we bump the age of living on campus down?
               2. Will TNU still be the same? Will there still be the small community family feeling we have now?
               3. This could bring the outside community in even more…
               4. How would the other athletes feel?
               5. What is the main reason for bringing it?
          iii. We looked at athletes standards…higher GPA than normal and acceptance standards

IV. Open Floor
     a. Campus Dr…he is never really there because he teaches PA classes
     b. Meal plan…do you have to have full meal plan if you are in the apt?
     c. Communicating better would be helpful concerning events…maybe make announcement after chapel, make use of TNU channel more
     d. Inform people they can come to the SGA meetings…
     e. Washer/dryer ordeal…at standstill
     f. We need to support everyone!
     g. TV at booth is coming soon…it will inform people what is happening at the booth
     h. The Suite…will the videos be continued…