SGA Minutes 11.7.11

Monday, November 7, 2011

Exec Meeting
Present: Riley Daniel, Jim, Betsy, Spraker, Evans, Jeff

Riley is a Cupid Shuffle expert

Prayer Requests: Riley—Spencer from the Y; Jim–got to go to game with his Napier kids YAY!, balance; Betsy—Uncle in hospital; Spraker—student brain tumor; Katie—crohn’s disease stuff; Jeff—things piling up, time management
Cash is the cutest.

  •  Homecoming is over...WOO!
  •  Get your office hours to Riley – 2 posted, 3 in all
  • Homecoming recap meeting – Monday, November 14 @ 7:00 PM
    • o Jim, Daniel, Evans, Spraker
  •  Denise Turner resigning
    •  7 class council position open
  • In General Meeting=movie fun!
  •  Daniel
    • o McClurkan grave went well! Not too many people, more than last year though!
    • o Worship night November 15th
    • o Confessions next semester – ideas for topics? Competitiveness, Homosexuality, ?
  • Jim
    • o Trojan Idol tryouts tomorrow 6-8 PM
    • o Pump with the Bump-eh-need location (Boone or Moore?)
    • o Homecoming was difficult
  •  Foreman – Concert team awesome; SGA not as involved with clean up
  • Trojan Madness – good overall; some not well-planned Banquet, Coronation, Parade went well!
    • o Winter Retreat – Gatlinburg? Skiing?
  • Betsy
    • o Next deadline - 28th
    • o Great staff, yay!
  •  Jeff
    • o Chess Tournament coming up; looking for ways to make it more than chess
    • o First night, Monday—terrible, no refs, lights went out , sprinklers...ahhhhh
    • o No football games during guy home games
  • Evans
    • o Communication stuff, woo