SGA Minutes 9.5.11

General SGA Meeting
September 5, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
         i. Freshmen students
         ii. Tommy!
         iii. Betsy’s dad is going to East Asia for business
II. Old Business
     a. Open apt policy is going to SLC this Friday
III. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Have ice cream at Club Rush at the SGA booth! Class chapel…Jeff and Bailey will lead worship and will have scripture reading between songs. Homecoming…sell shirts, chili at sports event?? Jr/Sr committee..need more girls!
     b. Seniors:  Had cookies after All School. Chapel..Josh Smith and someone else doing worship with Katie Gibson speaking.
     c. Sophomores:  First meeting is going to be this Thursday at 6. Chapel…bunch of people doing worship and hopefully getting Tony Sparrow to speak.
     d. Betsy: Yearbooks come out the week of the 19th. Maybe  have a release party??
     e. Daniel: Service project is 92% moved to September 17 from 8 AM to noon. Help clean and talk with elders in the Towers. Thursday is campus ministry chapel and there will be 6 different people there to talk about opportunities for people to get involved and there will be tables at Club Rush.
     f. Evans:  PR requests whenever possible please! 1st meeting will be Wednesday.
     g. Jeff: Speed kickball got cancelled and the next time we can reschedule this will probably have to be in the spring.  3-on-3 Tourney is this Saturday at TCC that starts at NOON.  Sign up for volleyball and softball starts tomorrow and will continue on until the next Tuesday and then games will start that Wednesday. Dodgeball went well, got to think of new  idea of how to put people on equal teams without them cheating.
     h. Jim:  Welcome Week was a success! Gungor concert is September 23 and we are hoping for 300 students. White Water Rafting is the next day (September 24) and there will be 33 spots open and signups will start tomorrow (Tuesday). We got it for a cheaper cost which is great! Its $20 without a SLAP card and $10 with!
     i. Johnna: I will post who sits the booth for the upcoming week whenever we have to have someone sit at the booth so then its easier for people to know when they are sitting! Elections are this week and next week!
     j. Katie:  first issue is September 21st
     k. Preston:  Club Rush is Thursday and we need help setting up 30 tables at 4 PM…his council will run this event.
IV. New Business
     a. Green forms and PR forms are supposed to be done 2 weeks in advance!
     b. Folders will be coming soon!
     c. “The Suite”…have a contact person…know more soon!
     d. Communion servers…you know who you are…be there at 9:20. And the rest of us try to sit in the choir loft!
     e. Because SGA members are so awesome, everyone can have an extra Gungor ticket to give to whoever!