Student Organizations

Trevecca provides multiple opportunities to get out and get involved in something bigger than yourself. If you're looking to find a place to connect or start a club check our list of options below.


Trevecca has a variety of clubs and organizations that exist on campus. Below are a list of some with descriptions.For more information about any of these clubs or how to get involved, contact the Student Government Association at

Missions Club

Missions club serves alongside other clubs and organizations to help further the kingdom of God in our community. We spend time with the elderly in the Trevecca Towers, sponsor Room in the Inn (providing and serving food to a dozen homeless men) once a semester, do creative clothing and food drives ("Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat" on Halloween to raise canned goods for families in need), and are open to any other avenues through which we and our resources can be used to serve the community. We have very few meetings and simply ask for commitment to help out with whichever ministry your schedule allows and your heart leads you to.

Women in Ministry Network

The Women in Ministry Club is open to women in all fields or majors who feel called by God to do ministry in that area. If you have a passion for music, nursing, preaching, or anything else and feel that God has called you to His service in that area, we welcome you! We are a group that comes together to support and encourage each other in our college life and work to make connections ('network') with women in our respective fields in order to gain insight from their wisdom. We eat, laugh, and live a life of service together and we welcome you to join our community!

Men’s Service Society

The Men’s Service Society is a club, founded in 2007, that is dedicated to “developing young men into servant leaders within their community.” We engage our community, and our campus, in service projects. Last year we performed almost 200 hours of service to our community through building stairs to the practice field, assisting students on move-in day, and assisting campus clubs. This year we have done or will do service projects that include Alleyway Clean Ups and partnering with Habitat for Humanity, among other things. Our goal is to develop the next generation of young men through service and leadership training for lifetimes of volunteer servant leadership. Our main focus for the year is growing in number as well as relationship with one another. We not only serve, but enjoy ourselves as well through cookouts, camping trips, and more. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

Nursing Club

The purpose of this club is to unify students seeking to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Nursing degree through the Belmont-Trevecca Consortium Nursing Program. We have the desire to serve others through the love and compassion of Christ and encourage a healthy lifestyle among the Trevecca Nazarene University community.

International Justice Mission/Social Justice Club

The International Justice Mission/Social Justice Club works closely with the new Social Justice Department to combat issues facing our world today such as hunger, poverty, and human trafficking. The name is a combination of the International Justice Mission club that was already in existence (which was more focused on human trafficking) and the formation of the new Social Justice Club through the Social Justice Department. They are now one combined entity. In the past, they have done things such as service projects in community gardens, fundraisers for Global Support Mission, and gone to and shown documentaries about human trafficking.

Environmental Sustainability Association (ESA)

ESA is a TNU club open to all students interested in our Christian relationship to Creation. Our purpose is to promote stewardship practices that are socially just, environmentally healthy, economically feasible, and which lead to a sustainable society. We have a recent history of on-campus recycling and are now moving our focus towards organic gardening to grow healthy, nutritious food for the people in our community.

College Democrats

The Trevecca College Democrats exist to give students a venue to discuss political affairs and take part in events geared towards improving our nation, state, and local city we live in. We work to bring in guest speakers, hold awareness forums, and push for progressive issues that students involved care about.

Other Clubs and Organizations at Trevecca

  • Students in Free Enterprise—Club for business majors
  • International Students Association of Trevecca—Organization for students from other countries, nationalities
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Residence Hall Association

Everyone who lives in Trevecca's residence halls makes up is a member of RHA. The RHA involves residents by encouraging inter-hall cooperation, discussing and promoting residence hall issues, providing a means for improving the educational, social, and cultural standards of living in the residence halls, by encouraging a Christ-like lifestyle in all of its members, and by providing an opportunity for its members to assume responsibility for governing residential life.

The executive council of the RHA sponsors projects and activities which encourage communication and cooperative living between the residential areas. Some of their activities include:

  • Publishing a monthly newsletter called "The Stall Street Journal"
  • Sponsoring all-school activities, such as the Hawaiian Luau, Western Barbecue, All-School Late-Night Ice Skating, Harvest Hoedown and Night at the Preds
  • Sponsoring the Residence Hall Linen Program
  • Sponsoring Talk Back sessions that address issues of interest on campus

Each residence hall elects a hall council which is involved in planning educational programming and social activities, providing leadership and role modeling, and serving as a judicial body for their fellow residents.

How can I get involved?

RHA is a great way to get involved in campus life. You are able to take advantage of special programs offered in the halls, such as study skills workshops, exercise classes, and time management seminars. You can enjoy faculty members presenting and participating in some hall programs. Activities also include time just for fun. Hall councils plan cookouts, Christmas parties, pizza parties, and much more. The RHA encourages you to get involved in the programs that interest you so that you meet new people, make new friends, and become a part of your residence hall community. You can serve as a hall council representative and volunteer to help plan floor activities. The possibilities are endless!!