Trevecca Intramural Association

Do you enjoy playing sports?

Did you play a sport before you came to Trevecca?

Would you like to play a new sport?

Would you like to exercise while you enjoy playing a sport?

Trevecca’s Intramurals Association (TIA) exists to provide outlets for students--male and female—to continue to enjoy athletic competition or to learn a new sport.  TIA operates a schedule of competitive sports to meet a variety of student needs and interests.

Through TIA you can play sand volleyball, kickball (there is even a kickball tournament), ultimate frisbee, softball, flag football, basketball, racquetball, and soccer. Last year wiffle ball  and indoor volleyball were added.  The TIA staff is always interested in adding a new, fun, and exciting sport, so if your favorite sport is not listed here, you can  recruit players for that sport and ask the TIA staff to add that sport.

At Trevecca Intramurals provide ways to  have fun with friends and play a sport without the commitment. No athletic history is required—only a good attitude and a willing mindset.