Residence Hall Association

Everyone who lives in Trevecca's residence halls makes up is a member of RHA. The RHA involves residents by encouraging inter-hall cooperation, discussing and promoting residence hall issues, providing a means for improving the educational, social, and cultural standards of living in the residence halls, by encouraging a Christ-like lifestyle in all of its members, and by providing an opportunity for its members to assume responsibility for governing residential life.

The executive council of the RHA sponsors projects and activities which encourage communication and cooperative living between the residential areas. Some of their activities include

  • Sponsoring all-school activities, such as the Hawaiian Luau,  All-School Late-Night Broom Hockey, Corn Maze and Late Night Easter Egg Hunt
  • Sponsoring the Residence Hall Linen Program
  • Sponsoring the Residence Hall Bedloft Program
  • Sponsoring Talk Back sessions that address issues of interest on campus

Each residence hall elects a hall council which is involved in planning educational programming and social activities, providing leadership and role modeling, and serving as a judicial body for their fellow residents.

How can I get involved?

RHA is a great way to get involved in campus life. You are able to take advantage of special programs offered in the halls, such as study skills workshops, exercise classes, and time management seminars. You can enjoy faculty members presenting and participating in some hall programs. Activities also include time just for fun. Hall councils plan cookouts, Christmas parties, pizza parties, and much more. The RHA encourages you to get involved in the programs that interest you so that you meet new people, make new friends, and become a part of your residence hall community. You can serve as a hall council representative and volunteer to help plan floor activities. The possibilities are endless!