Chapel Podcasts

  1. Dr. Tim Green interviews TNU Alum and author of The Mocking Bird Parables, Matt Litton about his new book released in August.

  2. Josh Houben spoke from Luke 20, reminding the Trevecca community of the call placed on the lives of Christians to suffer with and for Christ.

  3. Dr. Thomas Long spoke from Matthewís gospel, inviting the Trevecca community to consider who and what shapes their view of God.

  4. Alumni Kathy Mowry, Matt Hastings and Reginald Tiller come back to the hill to speak of the impact that their time at Trevecca made in their lives.

  5. Dr. Dan Spross spoke on the ìTable Talkî in Lukeís gospel and how the gospel gives a picture of the table as a place to ask the hard questions.

  6. Rev. Joel Tooley, Nazarene missionary with the Border Initiative in El Paso, TX, shared about opportunities for students to engage in ministry around the world through the Youth in Mission program.

  7. Matt Alexander spoke from the familiar story of Zaccheus found in Luke. He asked the Trevecca Community to consider how they might be standing in the way of others seeing Jesus.

  8. Dr. Mike Jackson spoke from Paulís letter to the Colossians about the work of Godís people as carriers of Godís compassionate grace and mercy to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  9. Dr. Ron Benefiel, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary, spoke from Matthewís gospel about the call to love one another and asked the Trevecca Community to consider how it is that they love their neighbors, that their neighbors might know

  10. Nick Herring spoke from Luke 19, reminding us that as Christians we are called to remember that no matter where we find ourselves, we are always people in need of Godís never ending grace and mercy.