Chapel Podcasts

  1. Holly Lowe spoke from the Parable of the Shrewd Manager found in Luke 16, reminding the Trevecca Community that we are called to be good stewards of that which God has gifted us

  2. Heather Daugherty spoke from the gospel of Luke, reminding the Trevecca community that as Christians, we are called to those who rejoice when that which was lost is found.

  3. Tim Green, University Chaplain, spoke from Philippians, inviting all members of the Trevecca community to spend this school year focusing on knowing Christ, not only in our own lives but as a community.

  4. University President Dan Boone spoke about doxologies that we find in the New Testament and how our lives can be a doxology. Chapel also included an interview with Treveccaís team heading to Croatia.

  5. Amy Murphy spoke from John 10, answering the question posed to Jesus, ìWhy do you keep us in suspense?î

  6. Jason Adkins, adjunct professor with the Center for Social Justice, speaks about creation care, specifically dealing with issues surrounding food production and consumption not only in America but around the world.

  7. Professor Roy Philip spoke from John 9, reminding the Trevecca Community of the spiritual healing that can come from Christ.

  8. Caleb Gerdom spoke from John 21 about the abundant life that Christ gives to us, and the call of Christian to give back that life so that we might truly live in Christ.

  9. Hank Spaulding spoke from Jesusí post-Easter experience in John 20, and shared with the Trevecca community the good news that the wounds of Christ are not signs of defeat, but of victory.

  10. Daniel Jetton spoke from Lukeís gospel of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesusí entrance and his life serve as a reminder to us of the kind of people that we are called to be, and the savior that we are called to serve.