Chapel Podcasts

  1. Rev. Dana Preusch talked about the realities of suffering and disappointment in our lives, and how we as Christians live in the hope that while the world is not the way that it should be, Christ is risen.

  2. Ruth Graham, daughter of evangelist Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, spoke asking the Trevecca community to remember the God that they serve and to ìFear not.î

  3. James Haun spoke from Lukeís parable of the fig tree, admonishing the community not to merely point their fingers at others whom they believe have done wrong, but to also take time to truly examine our own lives.

  4. Dr. Nate Kerr, professor in the School of Religion, spoke on Academic Excellence from a Christian perspective.

  5. Jared Mills spoke from the gospel of Luke, challenging the Trevecca community to think about what it means for each of us to point to the Kingdom of God as bearers of Godís holy, radical, abandoned love.

  6. President Dan Boone interviews Professor Emeritus H. Ray Dunning about his life and ministry.

  7. Patrick Taylor preaches from Luke 9:28-36.

  8. Iris Gordon, adjunct Professor in the Center for Social Justice, shares with the Trevecca community the call of Christianity to not only practice compassion, but to work for Social Justice.

  9. Dr. Boone continued his series on the Lord's Prayer with a message on the power of forgiveness both for ourselves and for those whom we need to forgive.

  10. Spiritual Deepening Week speaker Dan Boone continues his five-sermon series on the Lordís Prayer.