Chapel Podcasts

  1. Dan Boone continues his series on the Lordís Prayer talking about the Kingdom of God. He challenged the community to think about what the coming Kingdom of God looks like, and how we are giving up our own lives to seek after that kingdom.

  2. Spiritual Deepening Week speaker Dan Boone began a five-sermon series on the Lordís Prayer asking the Trevecca Community to think about what it means to hallow the name of God, and also in what ways our lives might be profaning the name of the Lord.

  3. Student Chaplain Jerry Romasco shares that while Jesus shatters the expectations of some and exceeds the expectations of others, it is the extravagant grace of God in Christ that we are invited to receive and extend to others.

  4. The Trevecca Community celebrated the work and life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and looked toward a future in which we participate in that same work.

  5. Heather Daugherty shared the invitation given by Jesus in Luke 4 to come and be a part of the mission of God that begins in the person of Jesus Christ.

  6. Chaplain Green shared from his heart and helped us to realize that there are no God forsaken places in our lives. God is with us!

  7. University President Dan Boone delivered the opening chapel message from the book of Revelation. He painted a picture of a God who stands before us in our future, inviting us to come.

  8. Heather Daugherty preached an Advent message from Lukeís gospel, calling the Trevecca community to consider how God might be calling them to prepare during this Advent season.

  9. President Boone responds to questions about the issue of alcohol submitted by Trevecca students.

  10. President Boone tackles the "hot potato" issue of alcohol, and invites the Trevecca community to think about the issue of alcohol use in our lives and in our world.