Chapel Podcasts

  1. Junior Religion major J.T. Blue spoke from the gospel of Mark, reminding the Trevecca Community of the call to Christians to be servant of all.

  2. Bishop Will Willimon preached from the Book of Acts and spoke about occasions that do not seem to be the right time for God to move among us, but God does anyway.

  3. Bishop Will Willimon spoke from Johnís gospel about the surprising nature of Godís work among us.

  4. Marnie Ferree spoke on the issue of sexual addictions.

  5. Continuing relationship week, Licensed Sex Therapist Michael Christian spoke with the Trevecca community about healthy sexuality.

  6. Rev. Andy Ingram preaches from the Gospel of Mark.

  7. As a part of Relationship Week, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jan Harvey, talks with Trevecca students about healthy relationships.

  8. Speaking from the book of Romans, Spiritual Deepening Week speaker Rick Harvey talked about sanctification, telling the Trevecca community that we do not need to live a life of sin, but that God can and does give us a life that is so much more abundant.

  9. Spiritual Deepening Week speaker Rick Harvey spoke from 1 Peter of an enemy of our lives that tries to move us away from God one step at a time.

  10. Rick Harvey began Spiritual Deepening Week by sharing a story from the life of King Solomon, and asked us to consider whether we have any ìhoweversî in our own journey with God.