Chapel Podcasts

  1. Daron Brown preached from the book of Mark and called us as Christians to a life of suffering with Christ for the sake of loving others.

  2. Rev. Brent Tallman and Student Body Chaplain Jerry Romasco share with the Trevecca Community opportunities to be involved with spiritual formation in the life of the campus.

  3. University President Dan Boone preached in the opening chapel about what it might look like for us to be a holiness people that donít just ìlookî holy on the outside, but who look upon our world with eyes of holiness.

  4. Dr. Boone spoke to the Trevecca students to ask them to consider how people have been generous in their lives, inviting them to also be generous in their lives.

  5. Kelli Hamilton spoke from Jesusí Easter appearance in Johnís gospel, reminding the Trevecca Community that even in times when things seem uncertain, we can be reminded of Christís words to the disciples ìPeace be with you.î

  6. During the annual Teaching Excellence Chapel Professor Jim Foglesong was honored as ìdistinguished professor,î 2008 Teaching Excellence award-winner Jooly Philip spoke, and the 2009 award-winner, Nate Kerr, was announced.

  7. Heather Daugherty, speaking from Johnís gospel, encouraged the Trevecca Community to remember that their identity should come from Jesus Christ, and that our lives should look his.

  8. As a part of Stewardship of the Earth Day, University Chaplain Tim Green spoke from the creation account found in Genesis, reminding the Trevecca community that from the very beginning of creation, God called Godís people to serve and guard the earth.

  9. Dr. Jim Hampton, professor at Asbury seminary, spoke from the book of I Samuel, and the calling of the prophet Samuel. He invited each member of the Trevecca community to find their place within that story.

  10. Jerry Romasco spoke from the gospel of John about the call for us to become like seeds, who are only able to give life by losing their own.