Chapel Podcasts

  1. Founder's Day Chapel, Part I

    Founder's Day Chapel, Part I highlights the award recipients.

  2. Preaching Conference I

    Session I of the Preaching Conference with Dr. David Lose, speaking on the Rise of Digital Pluralism.

  3. Founder's Day Chapel, Part II

    Founder's Day Chapel, Part II introduces the living legacy of Dr. Gerald Skinner.

  4. Living Out the Ten Commandments

    Tony Sparrow asked the Trevecca Community to consider how their lives live out the Greatest Commandments that Jesus gives in the gospel of Mark.

  5. The Giants of Faith

    The Trevecca Community took time to remember giants of the faith who walked before us and are a part of the Great Cloud of witnesses.

  6. Follow All the Way.

    Dr. Roger Hahn shared from Mark 10, challenging the Trevecca Community to believe, trust, and follow Jesus on the way to Jerusalem.

  7. Ask Anything.

    Rev. Tara Thomas Smith spoke from Mark’s gospel, inviting the Trevecca Community to remember that there are times when we come to Jesus and He asks, “What do you want from me?”  We need only to answer.

  8. Sing a New Song.

    Dr. David Lose preached from Psalm 96, reminding the Trevecca Community that each of us has a song to sing to and for the Lord.

  9. Christian Discipleship.

    Ryan Bloyd preached from Mark’s gospel, reminding us of what Christian discipleship is really all about...

  10. Chris Yuan's Radical Testimony.

    Author and Speaker Christopher Yuan shares his testimony and the radical transformation that God has made possible in his life.