Chapel Podcasts

  1. Chaplain Tim Green spoke from the Book of Isaiah about what God really wants from Christians, and asked the Trevecca Community to imagine what that might look like in the years to come.

  2. Rev. Middendorf closed the Spiritual Deepening Week services inviting the Trevecca community to join the revolution that follows after Jesus Christ.

  3. Speaking from I Corinthians 6, Rev. Middendorf reminded us that God calls us to say YES! Not just ìyes.î

  4. Nashville Pastor Dana Preusch preached from Lukeís story of the widow of Nain. She used this story as a reminder to us as Christians that because of the resurrection, we are called to be people of exuberant joy.

  5. Rev. Erik Gernand helped us to understand the need to pass on the grace that we have been freely given by God. The temptation is to hoard or become possessive of this grace, thinking that we somehow deserve it, rather than giving it to others.

  6. Dr. Larry Leonard, Tennessee District Superintendent spoke on making wise decisions in a world where we are called upon every day to make difficult decisions.

  7. Dr. Spross spoke from Mark 1 on ìthe fulfillment of timeî and ìthe coming near of the Kingdom of God.î We have a tendency to focus on the past or the future of the Kingdom, rather than the presence of the Kingdom in our lives today.

  8. Student Chaplain, Andrew Crimmins spoke on our need to put our hope in Christ. The governments and powers of this world can be corrupted by their desire for more power and control. We must constantly abandon the desire to gain more power.

  9. The University remembers Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in a chapel entitled ìThe vision of King: A message of reconciliation and justice.î

  10. Using the first chapter of John, Rev. Heather Daugherty, reminded the Trevecca Community that in Jesus, God is willing and able to meet us where we are.