Chapel Podcasts

  1. 40 Day Journey - Day 2 - "The Father Almighty" by Steve Pusey

  2. 40 Day Journey - Day 1 - "I Believe in God" by Brent Tallman

  3. Elaine Burrows spoke from Matthew 22 about the hypocrisy found in the church, she assured those gathered that even in the midst of all of the negative that we find, God is still living and active in our world and in our churches.

  4. Missionaries Scot and Jill Riggins share about their work in Papua New Guinea, and ask the Trevecca Community to consider how God might be inviting them to serve the kingdom.

  5. Mark Robison spoke on the parable of the wedding banquet and asked those gathered in worship whether they were ready to put on the wedding clothes provided by the host of the wedding banquet.

  6. Dr. Paul Bassett, Professor Emeritus of the History of Christianity from Nazarene Theological Seminary, spoke on the never failing promises of God found in Scripture and made evident in our lives.

  7. In honor of the Nazarene Centennial, this chapel looked at contributions made by Nazarenes to the arts, and talked about how the arts can draw us closer to God.

  8. In honor of the Nazarene Centennial, Dr. Tim Green hosted a round table discussion with Dr. Gary Henecke, Dr. H. Ray Dunning and Dr. William Strickland, looking at where the Church of the Nazarene has come from, and where it is heading.

  9. Dr. Scott Daniels spoke from the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch found in Acts, and used that story to show us how God has blasted open our ideas of who and what are a part of the family of God.

  10. Dr. Scott Daniels spoke from the book of Mark about the Jesus of Galilee and the Jesus of Jerusalem, and asked us to consider what it means to not only follow the Jesus of Galilee but also to follow the Jesus of Jerusalem into the Revolution of God.