Chapel Podcasts

  1. Thomas Crummer shared Jesusí first appearance to the disciples in the book of John, and the assurance that this gives us that even when we cannot see God that we can believe that God is working.

  2. As our 3rd Annual Stewardship of the Earth speaker, Dr. J. Matthew Sleeth shared with the Trevecca Community the call of God to Christian to be caretakers of the environment in all of the ways that we live our lives.

  3. Chapel commemorates the naming of the Millard Reed School of Religion with University President Dan Boone as speaker.

  4. Professor Steven Hoskins reflects on a recent family funeral in connection with the story of Lazarus. Through his testimony of a life well lived he brings us to the conclusion that we are to live like resurrected people, not like dead people.

  5. Jon Middendorf, Pastor of Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene, used the analogy of an actor to describe how we should not just act like Christ, but that we should become Christ. He likened this to the often misunderstood concept of sanctification.

  6. Will McGinniss of Audio Adrenaline speaks about the Hands and Feet Project, an effort to assist orphaned children in Haiti.

  7. Stefanie Dakin spoke from the book of John, calling the Trevecca Community to look past peopleís labels and circumstances to see them as God would see them; to minister to their needs and pour love, mercy and compassion into their lives.

  8. A shared worship experience with other entities of the Trevecca Community. Songs and testimonies of Godís faithfulness were shared by residents of the Trevecca Towers.

  9. Bishop Vashti McKenzie, first female African Methodist Episcopal Bishop spoke from Joshua 4, calling the congregation to remember that we have a story to tell about Godís faithfulness, and Godís tendency to show up at unexpected times and places.

  10. Matt Slater spoke from the story of the Samaritan Woman, and asked the community to consider the possibility that it is through doing Godís work that we are sustained and fulfilled in our Christian journey.