Chapel Podcasts

  1. A Session of Prayer.

    This is a music and prayer session led by Dr. Tim Green.

  2. For the Gospel.

    Patrick Taylor spoke from Mark's gospel, asking the Trevecca community to consider what it truly means to give up our lives for the sake of the gospel.

  3. Living Outside the Walls.

    Cris Zimmerman, pastor from Frankfurt, Germany, shared about the work of his church, and asked the Trevecca Community to imagine what church that lives outside its walls looks like.

  4. Question Your Questions.

    Dr. Mike Jackson preached from Mark 10, asking us to consider if we're even asking the right question.

  5. Our Responsibility in Christ.

    Scott Daniels spoke from Mark 14 and asked us to consider our place and responsibility in Christ, and reminded us that we are able to choose a walk with God because of the work that God does in us.

  6. The Covenant Relationship

    Scott Daniels spoke from Mark 10 and the covenant relationship that God has with God’s people and wants them to have for one another.

  7. Demons and Deliverance.

    Scott Daniels continued in the gospel of Mark, talking about the demons that hold us back and the deliverance that we receive from God.

  8. People of the Kingdom

    Scott Daniels opened Spiritual Deepening Week speaking from Mark and inviting the community to think about what it means to be people of the Kingdom.

  9. God's Kingdom.

    Dr. Dwight Gunter shared from Mark 4 and gave a picture of the Kingdom of God that Christians are invited into.

  10. Living for others.

    Derek Hunter preached from Mark's gospel about the call to give up our lives for the least of these that live among us.