Chapel Podcasts

  1. A panel of Trevecca faculty discuss the topic "From Slavery to Freedom" as part of the 2008 Black History Month celebration.

  2. Rev. Hans Zimmerman, pastor of Frankfurt First Church of the Nazarene, challenged students with the vision that one of the greatest needs of the church is change and spoke of the kind of people that God uses to enact change.

  3. Kevin Reed preached from the story of Nicodemus, encouraging all of us to see ourselves of seekers and to have the faith of a child.

  4. Rev. Dan Scott, co-pastor of Christ Church in Nashville, spoke from his new book, ìNaked and Not Ashamed,î challenging students to develop a deeper understanding of Christian sexuality.

  5. In the closing Spiritual Deepening Week service, Rev. David Busic shared with about the ìunfairî nature of the grace of God.

  6. Spiritual Deepening Week: Focusing on the theme of Ash Wednesday, Rev. David Busic talked about what it means for Christians to take up our cross and follow Christ.

  7. Spiritual Deepening Week: Rev. David Busic shares that the scariest times in our lives happen when we wake up one morning and ask, ìWhat has happened to my life?î The good news is that even in the midst of those times, God is waiting for us with open arms.

  8. In an evening Spiritual Deepening Week service, Rev. Busic asked the Trevecca Community what it would look like if we really followed Jesus and not just followed him around.

  9. For the opening chapel of Spiritual Deepening Week, Rev. David Busic speaks on the different kinds of grace that God provides to non-believers and believers alike.

  10. Chaplain Tim Green asked the Trevecca Community to envision what might happen if the Jubilee that the prophet Isaiah spoke of was to be enacted through the ways that they live their lives and the choices that make.