Chapel Podcasts

  1. Dr. Bryce Fox spoke from Matthewís Beatitudes, remind the Trevecca Community that these are not just things that we hope for, but things that happen in the lives of Christians as they respond to the Gospel that Jesus proclaims.

  2. Student Body Chaplain, Andrew Crimmins, challenged the Trevecca Community to think about what it might look for Godís Kingdom to come to earth in the way that we ask in the Lordís Prayer.

  3. Missionaries to Kosovo Craig and Anita Sheppard share about their desire to be obedient to Godís Call and the importance of ministering wherever you call home. The ministry that they are carrying out in Kosovo is the embodiment of incarnational theology.

  4. Dr. Doug Lepter spoke of the need for disciples of Jesus to make their prayer, ìHe must increase, I must decrease.î We do not always know what will come from praying this prayer, but it will draw us into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior.

  5. Chapel at Trevecca on January 22 commemorated the life and teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. as the Rev. Larry Lott called listeners' attention to the changes that the coming of Christ initiated in this world.

  6. Students talk about their experiences with God and in fellowship with others through Trevecca's MERGE small group ministry.

  7. Dr. Spross preached on John 1:29-42. He used insights from the original language to explain the meaning of the phrases ìLook, here is the Lamb of God!î and ìCome and see.î

  8. Dr. Boone spoke from 1 Peter about the peculiarity of Christians and the need to continue to be the ìodd peopleî in our day.

  9. Chaplain Tim Green speaks concerning our tendencies to spend time with those who share the same style of dress, as well as political and religious beliefs. Green asked students to step out and visit the other side of the lake, as Jesus did.

  10. Heather Daugherty spoke from Matthew 3 about the need to prepare our lives for the coming of the Messiah.