Chapel Podcasts

  1. This chapel, led by Tim Green, was a time of music and contemplation on Christís coming into the world and the gifts that he gives: hope, peace, joy and love.

  2. University President Dan Boone used an Advent theme to speak about the ways that Christ has come in the past, continues to come to us in the present, and will come again.

  3. Professor Nate Kerr spoke about how we live our lives in light of the knowledge that Christ is coming again.

  4. Chaplain Tim Green leads the first advent chapel for the 2007 Christmas season.

  5. The community Thanksgiving chapel focused on the book of Philippians and the grace that God gives to each of us.

  6. Jerry Romasco shared about the ways that God is faithful in the times when it seems that all that is familiar is gone.

  7. J.V. Morsch, D. Min., and son Gary Morsch, M.D., shared about the importance of compassionate ministries and the opportunities that each of us has to be involved, as part of the William T. Slonecker Business and Professional Lecture Series.

  8. Professors Roy and Jooly Philip lead the International Day of Prayer Chapel, remembering persecuted Christians all over the world.

  9. Jonathan Hiehle shared about the hope that we have as Christians that even in the midst of a broken world, we serve a living God.

  10. Dr. Roger Hahn spoke from 2 Peter, and urged the Trevecca community to consider holiness, both personal and corporate.