Chapel Podcasts

  1. For this year's Homecoming chapel, the Trevecca coaches shared their visions for the athletic teams.

  2. Jacob Morris spoke on Jesusí encounter with the tax collector, Zaccheus, and use this story to help us understand that Jesus comes to overcome the labels that humans put on one another.

  3. The Trevecca community celebrated All Saints Day and reflected on the heroes of faith that have gone before us and are a part of the great cloud of witnesses.

  4. Spencer and April Baggott, Trevecca alumni and newly appointed missionaries to Angola, Africa shared about their call to missions and the way that God needs what we have to offer to the body of Christ.

  5. Dan Moranville spoke on the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, sharing the need for us to ìcome cleanî before God, knowing that God is faithful and just.

  6. Pastor Kurt Salerno challenged the Trevecca Community to allow God to use them to show love and care to a world that is hurting and crying out for help.

  7. University President Dan Boone answers questions from the student body regarding the issue of homosexuality.

  8. Student Matt Taylor preached on the parable of the persistent widow and reminded us that God does not delay in answering our prayers when we call out in need.

  9. University President Dan Boone tackles the Hot Potato topic of homosexuality.

  10. Chaplain Green spoke about "common place time" and challenged the students to consider what they will do with the common place time in their lives.