Chapel Podcasts

  1. Professor Brent McMillan spoke on the parable of the shrewd manager, and Godís command to cultivate a holy shrewdness in our own lives as we await the coming of Jesus Christ.

  2. Students from past TAG and Youth in Mission Team shared their experiences, challenging students to be involved with short-term missions.

  3. Prof. Steve Hoskins spoke on the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15) and how it illustrates Godís love for all his children, both those who have never left the church and those who continue to run away from God.

  4. Student Body Chaplain Andrew Crimmins shared his vision of ministry for this school year. Through various service projects, the Trevecca Community will be seeking to make a difference in our surrounding community.

  5. University President Dan Boone opened the first chapel of the school year with a challenge to the Trevecca community to think about what it means to be a Christian in our neighborhood; he asked the question how do you turn a zip code into a neighborhood.

  6. Annual Awards Chapel

    In the annual Awards Chapel, students are recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to campus life.
  7. Chaplain Tim Green wrapped up the semester, and challenged and encouraged students who felt that their lives were in a ìholding pattern.î

  8. Trevecca celebrated its second annual Stewardship of the Earth Day with environmentalist speaker Jim Ball, who spoke on "The Risen Lord and Global Warming."

  9. The Stories of Compassion chapel featured several members of the Trevecca community as speakers.

  10. Oliver Phillips, Director of Mission Strategy for the Church of the Nazarene, encourages students to be involved in changing the face of poverty and to allow Godís grace to flow through them to others who need to know Godís grace.