Chapel Podcasts

  1. Speaker Al Vance shared the ideas of Howard Thurman, Ph.D., talking specifically of work, education, and faith. Thurman's ideas center around a vision of equality for all peoples.

  2. Generations Chapel ñ Our neighbors, the residents of Trevecca Towers, shared with the community in testimony and song, speaking of Godís goodness and faithfulness throughout their lives. They also shared words of advice for Trevecca students.

  3. Associated Student Body Chaplain Caleb Haynes spoke from Colossians 1, using the illustration of a journey to urge Christians to stay on the path (i.e. remain in the will of God) and to see the journey to its completion.

  4. Pastor Sonnye Dixon of the Hobson United Methodist Church spoke of getting the "good stuff" in life: finding Jesus, expecting the best of yourself and of others.

  5. Chaplain Green spoke out of the book of Exodus, challenging members of the Trevecca community to find ways where God might want to use them to stop the oppression that happens in our world today.

  6. University President Dan Boone spoke about one of the seven deadly sins, Anger, for the opening chapel of the spring 2007 semester.

  7. Continuing to explore the season of Advent, University President Dan Boone speaks about how God can take the ordinary and do extraordinary things and how God is able to take flesh and sanctify it for God's greater purposes on earth.

  8. "The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us." Chaplain Green explores this familiar passage of scripture and shares with the Trevecca Community new insights for the Advent season concerning how exactly God put on flesh, and become one of us.

  9. Chaplain Holley shared about his experiences in Iraq as an army chaplain. He challenged the student body to give themselves fully to Godís purpose for their life.

  10. Author Gary Moore speaks on the topic of his new book, "Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, a World at War, and a Field of Broken Dreams."