Chapel Podcasts

  1. Dr. Jim Diehl, a popular and sought-after speaker for revivals on college campuses, speaks in the Wednesday morning chapel service.

  2. Dr. Jim Diehl speaks in the Wednesday evening revival service.

  3. Fall Spiritual Deepening Week continues with 6:30 P.M. evening services at Trevecca Community Church. Each service features Dr. Jim Diehl as speaker.

  4. Treveccaís guest speaker Dr. Jim Diehl opened up the fall Spiritual Deepening Week by sharing a story about the mysterious way God's leading to give a stranger $50 led to a blessing in both of their lives.

  5. Tim and Danielle Whetstone, work and witness coordinators, speak on "Restoring Hope/ Engaging Where People Hurt."

  6. Karen Dean Fry, in-demand author and speaker, speaks on the topic of "That don't make Chocolate Cake" and asking the question of "What are we here for?".

  7. Dr. Dwight Gunter, alumnus of Trevecca, serves as pastor of the campus church, Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene.

  8. Chaplain Tim Green introduces this yearís theme, ìEngaged!î and invites the campus community to celebrate the life that God has breathed into them by ìcoming aliveî and engaging in life!

  9. As Dr. Dan Boone begins his second year as president of Trevecca, he addresses the Trevecca community in celebration of a new school year.

  10. Chris Hare, ASB Chaplain