Chapel Podcasts

  1. Living at Trevecca.

    A panel of students and employee talk about their time at Trevecca and the new ways to live that they found here.

  2. To Be Fully Alive!

    Dr. Tim Green continued the conversation of what it means to be fully alive during your time at Trevecca.

  3. We are asked, "Who is Jesus?"

    Rev. Thomas Crummer preached from Mark’s gospel, reminding the Trevecca community that we are each asked to answer the question “Who is Jesus?”

  4. To be a Christian Community

    Dr. Tim Green preached on what it means for Trevecca to be a Christian community.

  5. Live Our Lives Above Culture

    Heather Daugherty spoke from Mark 7, calling the Trevecca community to live above our hostile culture and into the Kingdom of God.

  6. "To Life!"

    Chaplain Tim Green spoke on the chapel theme, “To Life!” encouraging all of the members of the Trevecca community to seek after life and not be merely brick makers in our world today.

  7. Seek God Above All Else

    President Dan Boone spoke from the book of Ecclesiastes reminding the Trevecca Community that all of the things that we seek after other than God are merely smoke.  

  8. Invitation to celebrate Holy Week

    Chaplain Tim Green shares an invitation into the celebration of Holy Week, and particularly to understanding what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

  9. Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

    Rev. Dana Preusch reflected on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the betrayal of Judas Iscariot.  What is our response when we hear that Jesus is not the King that we expected?

  10. The glory Jesus speaks of is different

    Ryan Bloyd preached from John’s gospel reminding the Trevecca Community that the glory that Jesus talks about is a very different kind of glory that the world longs for.