Chapel Podcasts

  1. Sharing Stories of Service and CompassionStudents describe the service and outreach opportunities that are available to Trevecca students.

  2. Dr. Scott Daniels, pastor of the Richardson, Texas, Church of the Nazarene, presents the characteristics of people who walk with God and notes that following God always involves a risk and a great reward.

  3. Dr. Dwight Gunter, senior pastor of Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene, invites listeners to consider the fundamental question of lifeƱWho will have authority over my life?

  4. President Dan Boone begins the first chapel of the new semester by using Jeremiah chs. 30-33 to explain God’s plan to write his message in the lives of his people.

  5. "Our Neighborhood: Meeting and Living with our Neighbors beyond the Walls of Trevecca"--Panel Discussion

  6. "Images of Vacancy: Living in the Neighborhood"--President Boone

  7. Joel Touley, Youth in Mission

  8. "Living with the Lights on: The Masquerade--Learning to Take the Mask off"--Dr. Lena Hegi-Welch, Chair of the Division of Communicatiaon, Language, and Literature

  9. "Images of Vacancy"--Chaplain Tim Green

  10. Dr. Bob Broadbrooks, Superintendent of the TN Dist. Church of the Nazarene