Chapel Podcasts

  1. Excellence in education and learning

    Suzann Harris, recipient of the 2011 Teaching Excellence Award, spoke on excellence in education and learning.

  2. Bulgarian Missionary Jessica Morris shared of her work and journey

    Jessica Morris, Missionary to Bulgaria shared of her work in Bulgaria and the journey on which she has been led as she seeks to be faithful to the call of God on her life.

  3. The Last Lecture by Jan Harvey

  4. Dr. JoeAnn Ballard shared a testimony of her journey and the faithfulness of God, asking the Trevecca community to be open to go wherever God might lead them.

  5. Nick Herring preached from Mark’s account of the Transfiguration asking the Trevecca community to consider what it means to walk down from the mountain and begin a journey to the cross.

  6. – In the closing service, Dr. Busic reminded the Trevecca Community that we are not saved because of something that we do, but because of the grace of God that is at work in our lives.

  7. Using the story of Rahab from Joshua 1-2, Dr. David Busic shared about how God can take the symbols of our past, our live of sin, and make them symbols of our salvation.

  8. Dr. David Busic told the story of Jacob and Rachel found in Genesis 29, preaching about the reality that nothing but God can complete us.

  9. Dr. David Busic spoke from Psalm 139, reminding the Trevecca community that we do not receive our worth from the outside, but from the inside, and the God who created us from the inside out.

  10. Dr. David Busic, Spiritual Deepening Week speaker, opened the week by talking about who Jesus is; not who we want Jesus to be, but who Jesus actually is.