Chapel Podcasts

  1. Michael Todd Wilson spoke with the Trevecca Community about a Christian understanding of healthy sexuality.

  2. Dr. Tim Green shared a Biblical understanding of the relationship between genders.

  3. Dr. Larry Dennis, Central Florida District Superintendent, invited the Trevecca community to consider if they had fully surrendered their lives to God, and to ask them to imagine what life would look like if they were molded into the shape of God’s hand.

  4. Rev. Jeff Stark continued in Mark’s gospel preaching about the “Unacceptable” actions of Jesus.

  5. Trevecca students shared stories of reconciliation from their own lives.

  6. Rev. Heather Daugherty preached from Mark’s gospel and shared the invitation of Jesus, “Follow me, I will teach you to fish for people.”

  7. Dr. Dan Boone talked about cohesive vs. combustible energy and asked the Trevecca Community to think about what type of energy they bring to the lives and situations around them.

  8. Fred and Stephanie Cawthorne, professors in the Department of Math and Science, share their Trevecca story and give a challenge to the Trevecca Community to seek after Christ with their whole lives.

  9. Dr. Tim Green preached from the story of Hagar the Egyptian slave woman, reminding the Trevecca Community that God not only knows our names but calls us by that name.

  10. Rev. Ciara Cunningham spoke from Matthew 25 and the parable of the talents.