Chapel Podcasts

  1. In our annual Hot Potato topic series, Dr. Dan Boone talked about what it means to be a liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan Tradition.

  2. Andy Johnson preached from 2 Corinthians on Paul’s understanding of salvation and reconciliation. What does it mean for the church to be the righteousness of Christ?

  3. Anna Carter Florence preached from John 21, asking the Trevecca Community to consider how they are like Peter. What would it take for us to stand before Jesus unashamed?

  4. Dr. Kevin Ulmet spoke from the book of Ephesians calling the Trevecca Community to consider whether they are truly a part of the life of God.

  5. Chaplain Tim Green spoke about the need to believe that God truly forgives us, and the call to show that forgiveness to others.

  6. Dr. Dwight Gunter spoke about the need for reconciliation among believers and what it takes from both the offended and offender for reconciliation to take place.

  7. Rev. Jacob Morris spoke from Matthew's gospel on the call to give all of our lives to God.

  8. Heather Daugherty spoke from Matthew's parable of the Wedding Banquet, calling the Trevecca Community to look at their garments, are we ready for the wedding banquet?

  9. Rev. Susie Shellenberger concluded Spiritual Deepening Week with a call to sanctification, asking the Trevecca Community to give God all that we are.

  10. Rev. Susie Shellenberger preached from Mark's gospel about the demon possessed man, asking the Trevecca community to consider the demons that we face in our own lives.