Chapel Podcasts

  1. Speaking from the book of Ezekiel, Rev. Susie Shellenberger challenged the Trevecca community to step out into the deep waters of God.

  2. Rev Susie Shellenberg shared about the Paralyzed Pool Guy (PPG) beside the pool of Bethsaida and the healing that took place in his life, and can take place in ours.

  3. Rev. Susie Shellenberger began Spiritual Deepening Week by sharing that we were all in the right place at the right time, that God would move in some amazing ways in this week if we would allow it.

  4. Celestin Musekura spoke about the different between power and authority, and how servant leadership is characterized by focusing on serving the needs of others, not lording power over them

  5. Celestin Musekura, President and CEO of ALARM-inc, shared his story of violence and reconciliation as a citizen of Rwanda.

  6. Senator Elizabeth Dole, recipient of the Nina Griggs Gunter Servant Leadership Award , spoke on her experiences in leadership and issued a challenge to the Trevecca Community to find places of leadership and service.

  7. Alan Cook spoke from Matthew’s parable of the vineyard workers and encouraged the Trevecca Community to be open to all who might come into our community.

  8. Heather Daugherty spoke from Matthew 18 about the need not only to pray, “Forgive us our sins,” but also, “As we forgive those who sin against us.”

  9. Dr. Tim Green spoke on the Lord’s supper, what it means, and what it means for us as a community to participate together in this means of grace.

  10. Dr. Tim Green presented this year’s chapel theme – “Reconciled.” He asked the Trevecca community to think about what it means to be the kind of people who do not act out of anger, contempt or revenge, but ask what it means to be reconciled to others and to God.