Chapel Podcasts

  1. Heather Daugherty preached from Matthew's telling of the Triumphal Entry and asked the Trevecca Community to consider what happens when we get the things we think we want.

  2. As a part of the Newell Hymnody Series, Jim Vanhook spoke on the power of music to draw the body of Christ together.

  3. Mike Jackson spoke from John 11 about the power of God to raise us from the dead.

  4. Ken Jewett spoke from Psalm 23, and reminded the Trevecca community that fear and anxiety are only things that work to separate us from God.

  5. March 29 ñ Dr. Dan Boone shared about his new book, Charitable Discourse and the need for communities of faith to be places where charitable discourse can happen.

  6. Kathy Mowry spoke from John 3, about the call to leave our anxieties behind and turn our gaze toward the cross.

  7. Alexi Lushkien, member of the Evangelical Environmental Network shared about the call of God to all people to care for creation.

  8. Dr. Leonard Sweet explored the emotional side of Jesus and asked the Trevecca Community to consider the question ñ what makes Jesus mad?

  9. Michael Proctor preached from Matthewís story of the Transfiguration about the healing and forgiveness that comes from God.

  10. Dr. Michael Karounos, recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award spoke of what it means to be excellent as a part of the university community