Guided Prayer Walk

Fall & Spring Semester

The Guided Prayer Walk has only one continuous path, strategically leading each participant through eleven stations that focus on important aspects of the spiritual life. The Guided Prayer Walk is a place where participants can get away from all the busyness of their lives and dedicate an hour to prayer, contemplation of Scripture, and personal spiritual commitment.


  1. Inward Journey — Prepares the participant for the journey.
  2. Noise — Transitions the participant into a prayerful mindset.
  3. Letting Go — Releasing concerns and worries to God.
  4. Hurts — Confession of hurts done to others and expression of hurts received.
  5. Distractions — Focusing on God.
  6. Holy Space — Communion with God.
  7. Outward Journey — Preparing to go back into the world.
  8. Self — Seeing ourselves as God sees us.
  9. Planet — What is our relationship with creation?
  10. Others — Reflection and prayer for others.
  11. Impression — How do we affect the world around us?