What it means to be a MERGE group leader

  • Meet weekly with your small group for about an hour.

  • Pray for and encourage the members of your group.

  • Report weekly attendance and prayer requests to the Director of Campus Spiritual Formation.

  • Attend all meetings and training sessions for MERGE leaders.

  • Maintain high social and moral standards.

  • Use curriculum provided in the Small Group Curriculum Library in Waggoner Library or from the Serendipity Bible for Groups. If you choose another curriculum, that study must be approved by the Director of Campus Spiritual Formation.

  • Maintain strict confidence of anything shared by group members (if a group member is endanger of harming themselves or another person, then share this information in confidence with your RD or the Director of Campus Spiritual Formation.)

  • Engage your group in at least one service project per semester.

  • Maintain a healthy, growing relationship with Christ, so that you may be a godly example for those you lead.

  • Be open and honest with your group members, so that they will feel comfortable to share openly with the group.

  • Keep the tone of your group meetings positive and uplifting, don't allow gossip or complaining to consume your group time.

  • Fellowship together as a small group family and cultivate authentic relationships with one another.

  • Help group members develop a growing relationship with God and assist them in maturing in their faith by challenging them to discover and take their next spiritual step.

  • Give every person a role or responsibility that helps equip them for ministry both inside and outside the group and challenge the group to serve together.

  • Send them out to reach the unchurched by motivating them to share their faith and ultimately spiritually reproduce their life in another.

MERGE Small Group Leader Application