Virtual Prayer Walk

This virtual prayer walk can be used throughout the year as a time for alumni, friends and parents to familiarize themselves with the campus and to pray for students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Although you may take as long as you would like, we have estimated that if you were actually walking the campus it would take a minimum of one hour to complete the prayer walk.

Chapel at Trevecca Community Church

  • Pray for the chapel services that these will be community building and God honoring times of worship and reflection.
  • Pray for the small groups which meet across campus, also pray for the formational events which happen throughout the year, may these be opportunities for growth and transformation.

Waggoner Library

  • Pray for all of the teaching and learning which happens across this campus, may there be a genuine thirst for knowlege.
  • Praise God for the opportunity to receive an education at a Christian institution.

Statue of Jesus

  • Pray that Trevecca Nazarene University will be a witness of the love of Christ for this community and beyond. May we never forget the example of "the towel and the basin" as we live and serve in this neighborhood.
  • Pray that the students, faculty, staff and administrators would live God honoring lives.

Martin Building

  • Pray for President Boone and the Executive Team, that they will receive discernement and wisdom from God as they seek to lead and guide this university.
  • Pray for all of the administrators across campus who provide leadership and oversight to various departments and programs.

Tidwell Building

  • Pray for the faculty, give them knowlege and the ability to communicate this knowlege effectively.
  • Pray also that they will be caring and wise mentors as their influence extends beyond the classroom into the lives of their students.

Moore Physical Education Building

  • Pray for the athletes and coaches, help them to remain free from injuries and grant them the opportunity to be witnesses of the love of Christ in competition and in everyday life.

Jernigan Student Center

  • Pray for the students as they engage in life outside of the classroom and dormitory.
  • Pray for safety, finances, friendships and health.
  • Pray for off-campus students as they commute to and from campus.
  • Pray for TNU alumni who serve in various capacities around the world.

Benson Residence Hall

  • Pray for the students' relationships with their roommates/suitemates.
  • Pray that the students would be able to balance study, work, relationships and sleep.
  • Pray for the staff of the residence halls as they seek to mentor and serve the students.
  • Pray for parents who have entrusted their children to our institution.

Career and Counseling Center

  • Pray for the university staff as they joyfully serve in a multitude of ways.
  • Pray for graduating seniors, that they will find guidance and direction.
  • Pray for those that may be hurting, grieving or lonely, may they receive the care and connection that they need.