Group Fitness Class Descriptions




Please note each instructor has his/her own unique style. The best way to find your favorite class is to try them out! Being on time is appreciated as most instructors will review safety and explanations of moves at the beginning of the session.


ABDOMINAL/CORE - 30 minute class designed to whittle your middle and increase strength and definition in the abs, back, and glutes. (Intensity –Moderate-High)


BARRE (FLEXIBILITY & TONE) - Set to upbeat music, Barre warms up your muscles then stretches and

elongates the same muscle group. You will use small isometric (holding a pose) movements on the floor, chair, and light free weights. Exercises burns fat and targets & tones your glutes, thighs, abdominals and arms. (Intensity –Low to Moderate)


CARDIO H2O – Kick up your fitness program a notch with hardcore exercises done in the water. This full body workout will challenge you to push passed your comfort zone with water being your cross training tool. Aerobic and strength training includes plyometrics, running, jumping, and upper body exercises. This class will tone muscle and increase your cardio all while in the pool! No swimming skills required! (Intensity Level: Moderate-High)



FLOW YOGA- Relax and relieve stress. This class moves at a slowed pace, allowing for longer-held poses and deep breathing to help you increase flexibility, balance and breathing. (Appropriate for all fitness levels)



muscle confusion to challenge your body with new moves & routines. (Intensity Level: High)



STRENGTH CARDIO CIRCUIT TRAINING – Total body workout targeting all major muscles. Move from station to station doing challenging exercises that integrate athletic functional training movements and intense cardio training. Come try it out and go at your own pace. (Intensity Level: Moderate -High)


TAI CHI – Originated from martial arts, Tai-Chi (Taiji) combines martial arts, smooth patterned movements and deep breathing. This style of exercise is done in a standing position which is good for people with knee issues or just beginning an exercise program. Tai-Chi reduces stress, tension, improves balance, coordination and core function. (Appropriate for all fitness levels)


TURBO KICKTM -Class is designed for people looking for a fun high-intensity workout. New to Turbo Kick? No problem! Our certified instructor will move you through the kickboxing combinations step-by-step all while listening to motivating music! Get tough and stay strong with Turbo Kick. (Intensity Level: Moderate- High)


WATER AEROBICS - Exercise at your own pace and have fun at the same time! Low impact water exercises that are great for adults looking for a jump start on their fitness program. No swimming skills required. (Appropriate for all fitness levels)


ZUMBA – This easy to do class combines Latin and International rhythms with cardio to create a fun environment to get fit and lose weight. (Intensity Level: Moderate - High)