University Academic Calendar 2009 - 2010

Faculty/Administrator Workshops

August 20-27

President's Dinner

August 22

Beginning of Traditional Fall Semester

September 1*

Graduation Application Deadline (December 2009 Graduation)

September 30

Fall Break

October 12-13

Fall Board of Trustees Meeting

November 5-7


November 6-7

Thanksgiving Break

November 25-27

End of Traditional Fall Semester

December 17*

Graduation Application Deadline (May/August 2010 Graduation)

December 31

Beginning of Traditional Spring Semester

January 13*

Spring Break

March 8-12

Spring Board of Trustees Meeting

March 18-20

Easter Break

April 2-5

Top Nazarene Talent (TNT) at TNU

April 15-17

End of Traditional Spring Semester

May 5*


May 7


May 8

Beginning of Traditional Summer Semester

May 10

End of Summer Semester

August 15



Starting and ending dates for classes in undergraduate and all graduate programs vary within the framework of each semester. The program coordinators and/or directors will give students a schedule for their respective graduate program.