University Academic Calendar 2011 - 2012

Faculty/Administrator Workshops

August 18-25

President's Dinner

August 22

Beginning of Traditional Fall Semester

August 30*

Graduation Application Deadline (December 2011 Graduation)

September 30

Fall Break

October 10-11

Fall Board of Trustees Meeting

November 2-4


November 4-5

Thanksgiving Break

November 23-25

End of Traditional Fall Semester

December 15*

Graduation Application Deadline (May/August 2012 Graduation)

December 31

Beginning of Traditional Spring Semester

January 11*

Spring Break

March 5-9

Spring Board of Trustees Meeting

March 15-17

Easter Break

April 6-9

Top Nazarene Talent (TNT) at TNU

April 12-14

End of Traditional Spring Semester

May 2*


May 4


May 5

Beginning of Traditional Summer Semester

May 7

End of Summer Semester

August 15



Starting and ending dates for classes in undergraduate and all graduate programs vary within the framework of each semester. The program coordinators and/or directors will give students a schedule for their respective graduate program.