Financial Services

Trevecca Nazarene University offers the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program to students enrolled in the graduate programs. A student must be admitted to the University before an award will be made.

The academic unit program office (or if so designated the Office of the College of Lifelong Learning) will coordinate academic registration of the students enrolled in unit programs. Completing academic and financial registration is the student's responsibility. Students are expected to make all necessary arrangements with the Office of Financial Aid. Students assigned to an out-of-town rotation, must make all arrangements before they leave. Students should always check with the Office of Financial Aid in advance, however, to avoid any delays in assignment of financial aid, etc.

Financial Aid and Student Accounts are located on the top floor of the Martin Building.


The following financial policies apply to all graduate students. All charges are due and payable at the beginning of the semester.

If charges are not paid when due, a late fee of one and a half percent (1.5%) will be added at the end of each month for charges that are over 30 days old. (This includes students who have applied for and not yet received financial aid.) Any student who has become delinquent through failure to make payment will be subject to disenrollment until such matters are satisfactorily resolved with the accounting office. Students will not be allowed to enroll for subsequent semesters unless all obligations from a previous semester have been satisfactorily resolved. If it becomes necessary to refer a student's account to an outside collection agency, the student will be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys' fees, if applicable.

Diplomas, certificates, and transcripts will not be issued until all financial obligations to the University are paid in full. For immediate release, payment must be in the form of cash, credit card, money order, or cashier's check. Payment by personal check will necessitate a delay of ten working days before transcripts or diplomas will be released. The University reserves the right to make financial changes for tuition and fees as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Graduate Tuition/Charges Per Credit Hour

Education MED


Education CAI


Education VISION


Education MAE


Education MAT


Education Ed.D.


Library Science


Management (MSM, MBA)




Physician Assistant




Counseling Ph.D.




Organizational Leadership


Technology Fee


Graduation Fee


Graduation Fee (doctoral programs)


Additional fees/charges are listed in individual program sections of this catalog supplement or the fees may be combined with other program fees in some programs.

Questions regarding payment or account status may be answered by contacting the Office of Accounting.

Financial Aid Policy

Graduate students who are taking at least three (3) hours of course work in a degree-seeking program and are in good standing on past federal student loans are eligible to apply for a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford loan.

Students are expected to be making satisfactory progress toward a degree. Students receiving federal student loans must be enrolled for at least three (3) hours at the beginning of each semester. Failure to enroll will result in all or a portion of the loan being returned to the lender.

To meet federal regulations regarding enrollment status pertaining to loan disbursements and refunds from loan proceeds, the University must delay the disbursement of loan proceeds until at least three weeks into each semester.

Students must submit a new application for federal aid (FAFSA) each year they are enrolled and want to receive federal loans. This can be done on-line at Students must monitor their funds and call the Office of Financial Aid when additional funds are needed.

Information concerning financial aid is available at our website; select Tuition and Financial Aid; then select Graduate. You may also call the Office of Financial Aid at 615-248-1242 or email

Refund Policy for Graduate Courses Meeting 6 Times/Semester

Before 1st Class Meeting - 100%

After 1st Class Meeting - 75%

After 2nd Class Meeting - 50%

After 3rd Class Meeting - 0%

Refund Policy for Graduate Courses Meeting 12 Times/Semester

Before 1st Class Meeting - 100%

After 2nd Class Meeting - 75%

After 4th Class Meeting - 50%

After 6th Class Meeting - 0%

Refund Policy for Online Courses


Days 1-3



Days 4-6



Days 7-9



Days 10-12



Days 13-42


The Refund Policy for the Physician Assistant Program is the same as the Undergraduate Refund Policy--available in the University Catalog.

Satisfactory Progress

Students must be completing 67% of their attempted hours during their program of study. This will be measured on an annual basis. Students must also maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Failure to meet these policy requirements will result in a suspension of financial aid.

Benefits for Veterans

Veterans may be eligible for educational assistance under Public Law 94-502 and 95-202, 96-342, 96-466, 98-525, 99-576, and 100-48. Application should be made to the Veterans Administration regional office having custody of the veteran's file.

Public Law 634 and Public Law 90-631 provide educational assistance to (1) widow, sons, and daughters of deceased veterans who died while in service, or after discharge from a service-connected disability; and (2) wives, sons, and daughters of veterans who have service-connected disability considered to be total and permanent in nature. Application should be made to the Veterans Administration regional office having custody of the veteran's file.

Under the provisions of Public Law 894, veterans who, as a result of a service connected disability, require re-training or other vocational rehabilitation, may be entitled to educational assistance. Inquiry should be made to the Veterans Administration regional office having custody of the veteran's file.

Certificates of eligibility to be used at registration will be issued by the appropriate regional office of the Veterans Administration to those who are eligible for educational benefits. Questions regarding veterans' benefits at Trevecca should be directed to the registrar.