Student Life

University Services

Spiritual Life

Trevecca places special emphasis on spiritual formation. The General Education Core Curriculum consists of three religion classes which seek to enhance the student's understanding of the Bible, the Christian faith, and the Christian life and service. Classes of all disciplines are regularly opened with prayer.

Chapel services are held on Tuesday and Wednesday each week at 10:30 a.m. with the addition of Thursday convocation during fall and spring revivals and a Friday convocation during homecoming week. Attendance requirements are outlined in the Student Handbook. Chapels include community worship, special inspirational speakers and lecturers, and student-led chapels. The campus community is particularly challenged to spiritual deepening in specially planned fall and spring revivals along with various special seminars throughout the semester. A prayer chapel for private meditation and small group prayer meetings is available in McClurkan Hall as well as many of the residence halls. For spiritual counseling, the chaplain of the University maintains regular office hours.

Through student government, Campus Ministries coordinate student-led spiritual life activities on campus and offer opportunities for involvement in ministry through the planning of student chapels, weekly campus prayer meetings (Lifeline), a monthly campus evening worship experience (The Feast), small group prayer and accountability meetings, and outreach opportunities in various areas of Christian service throughout Middle Tennessee and the Southeast Region.

All students are encouraged to become actively involved in a local church.

Academic Advising and Support Services

Students are assigned to academic advisors according to their choice of field of study. The assistant academic dean and the Academic Support Center staff provide assistance for students who are undecided about a major.

The Academic Support Center located in Waggoner Library provides assistance in all phases of a student's academic life. English and math assistance is a specialty, but students are encouraged to bring work from other disciplines for review and revision.

The Academic Support Center provides assistance for the ALEKS mathematics program. It also provides a full range of testing options, including DANTES and CLEP, and help sessions in many other needed areas, such as Greek, Hebrew, and general education courses. Students are also able to obtain individual tutors in all areas of study.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Trevecca is committed to the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as the University strives to be an inclusive community for students. Individuals seeking accommodations for any type of disability are encouraged to contact the coordinator of student disability services in the Academic Support Center for information concerning the documentation of a disability and the procedure for implementing accommodations.

Counseling Services

The University offers a wide range of counseling/advising services to its students. Any member of the faculty, administration, or staff is willing to be available to a student who desires assistance. Personnel in the Office of Student Development are available to help students solve personal and social problems. The resident directors and resident assistants in the residence halls also assist in this area. In addition, professional counselors are available to meet students' personal needs. The college chaplain is available for counseling during regular office hours and at other times by special appointment. The Career and Counseling Center provides personal counseling, career services, internship opportunities (in conjunction with academic departments), and student employment services.

Food Services

The cafeteria is located in the Jernigan Student Center and is catered by Pioneer College Caterers, Inc. The food service director and his staff work to provide wholesome menus. A food committee meets with the food service director periodically to discuss ways and means of improving the food services. All resident students are required to participate in the boarding plan which offers unlimited access to the cafeteria and continuous food service during the hours of operation. The cafeteria is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are specified in the Student Handbook. Students can enter the cafeteria anytime during the hours of operation for meals or snacks. During registration a snack shop credit can be purchased in conjunction with the meal plan. For an additional $40 above the regular meal plan charge, students can receive a $50 credit line in the Hub. Additional credit can be purchased in $25.00 blocks entitling them to a $27.50 value (10% discount).

The Hub, a snack shop/food court, is located on the lower level of the Jernigan Student Center and provides students with a wide selection of foods and snacks. Gourmet pizzas and made-to-order subs, cookies and muffins, gourmet coffees, plus a full line of grilled to order items are among the choices available. Hours of operation are specified in the Student Handbook.


All non-married students under the age of 23 at the time of registration who are enrolled for six or more hours per semester and do not live at home are required to live in University residence halls and participate in the board plan. Any exceptions are granted by special permission of the dean of student development and the Student Life Council. The assistant dean of student development for residential life exercises general supervision over all of the residence halls. In addition, there are resident directors and resident assistants in each residence hall. Councils are organized to assist in all matters pertaining to the use of residence halls. Residence hall policies are stated in the Student Handbook.

Trevecca offers apartments for rent on campus for married students and other personnel. The majority are one- and two-bedroom unfurnished apartments in the University Terrace Apartments. The facilities coordinator, who is located in the physical plant office, can give more specific details regarding the amount of rent, availability, and regulations.

Health Services

The Clinic, located on the ground floor of Georgia Hall, provides the free services of a registered nurse from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The campus physician may be seen by appointment Monday through Friday. For medical assistance, students should contact the clinic during office hours and resident directors at other times. Students may bring any injectable medications prescribed by private physicians with instructions for administration to the clinic. Clinic services are available to undergraduate, but not graduate, students, their families (children and spouses), faculty and staff. Payment is expected at the time of service. The clinic will assist in securing referrals with private physicians for the University community.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS), located on the ground floor of Adams Administration Building, provides all computer, network, and telecommunications support for the campus community. All students are issued a computer account upon registration at Trevecca and must have that account to make use of the various computer labs. Digital copiers have been installed in all computer and residence hall labs. In addition to making copies, the digital copiers will allow students to print their class work and send faxes from their residence hall rooms using their personal computers and a network connection. Currently, students are billed $0.08 per copy/print for these services. Students using the campus network agree to abide by the terms of the TNU Acceptable Use Policies: network, e-mail, and Internet.

On-campus students are issued a shared telephone (local calls only) and a voice mailbox (per student) at the beginning of their first semester at Trevecca. This mailbox will stay with the student as long as he/she remains at Trevecca. Additional information about any of these services should be requested through the ITS Office.


The Office of Career Services in the Career and Counseling Center handles the initial process of student employment, both on and off campus. Once a student has been issued a university ID number, he/she has access to our Career Services Online. All student employment opportunities can be found on the CSO site which can be accessed via the ICE intranet page or directly at Those desiring on-campus employment should be work-study eligible, request a job application from the Career and Counseling Center and return it to the appropriate department. Interviews will be scheduled by the individual departments.

Mail Services

Mail Services is located on the first floor of the Jernigan Student Center. All traditional undergraduate students are assigned a mail box in the Mail Services area upon registration. Each student is responsible for securing his or her mailbox combination from the Mail Services Office. It is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Students receiving certified or registered mail and/or packages will be notified by a form placed in their mailbox. Certified or registered mail and/or packages can be picked up at the Mail Services Office with this notification form and valid ID (driver's license or TNU student ID).

Students should have all mail sent to them at their student address listed as follows:

Name _________________________
Trevecca Nazarene University, Box ___
333 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37210-2877


The Waggoner Library provides a place for quiet study and research. The library is open seven days a week. The hours are posted for each semester. Books may be borrowed for a period of several weeks and may be renewed provided they are not in demand. Reserve books may be checked out for periods of two hours, two days, and one week. The library web site provides access to the library catalog and electronic databases from on- and off-campus, at any time.


The TNU Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Jernigan Student Center. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The store sells all required and recommended textbooks and supplies, general school/office supplies, snacks, TNU logo clothing, greeting cards, giftware, some electronics, and book bags, as well as health and beauty items. Purchases may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Textbooks and school supplies may be purchased in the bookstore with student vouchers obtained through the Financial Aid Office.

TNU policies for book refunds are determined by the book store manager and are outlined specifically in the Student Handbook. Policies vary for new and used books. There are also pro-rated policies for refunds through the first 21 business days of the semester—no refunds after 21 business days. Summer and Mini-term refunds are available only during the first two days of the term, and no refunds are available for Post Baccalaureate summer courses.

Student Organizations and Activities


TrevEchoes, the campus newspaper, is published at regular intervals each semester. The Darda is the University yearbook which is published annually. Editors for both of these student publications are selected each year through an application and interview process.

Student Government Assembly

The Student Government Assembly, composed of the elected representatives of the Associated Students of Trevecca Nazarene University, serves as a liaison group between faculty, administration, and students. Student Government coordinates student activities including elections and class events. The Student Government Assembly plans programs for the school year in cooperation with the dean of student development, the Student Life Council and the Cultural Arts Series Committee. It nominates student representatives to serve as voting members of faculty committees, publicizes various honors and awards, and supervises the selection process for individuals and organizations to receive the all-school awards.


Trevecca's athletic program is divided into three basic areas: intercollegiate athletics, intramural sports, and a student activities program.

The Intercollegiate Athletic Program, begun at Trevecca in the winter of 1968-69, includes basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf for men and basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, and golf for women. The Intercollegiate Athletic Program is under the administrative leadership of the director of intercollegiate athletics and the Intercollegiate Athletic Board (composed of faculty, administrators, and students). Trevecca is a member of the TransSouth Athletic Conference and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Cheerleaders for the varsity cheerleading squad are chosen each fall.

The Intramural Program is under the administrative supervision of the director of intramural athletics and the immediate sponsorship of the Trevecca Intramural Association. Sports included in the intramural program are football, basketball, volleyball, softball, golf, table tennis, and racquetball.

The student activities program in the physical education center during afternoons and evenings includes the use of the gymnasium, swimming pool, racquetball courts, athletic fields, tennis courts, jogging track, wellness center, and a lighted outdoor basketball and sand volleyball court.

Academic Organizations

Scholastic Departmental Organizations—are organized to develop among students an appreciation for their intended professions. They are Speech Communication—Lambda Pi Eta and Pi Kappa Delta; Business—Phi Beta Lambda; Science—Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Zeta, a general science club; a social work club; Education—Trevecca Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development; and the Speicher/Vastbinder Physician Assistant Society which exists to promote the concept of the physician assistant as a professional at the academic level and in the community.

Music Organizations—These include the following performing groups: Wind Ensemble, Madrigalians, Jazz Ensemble, Covenant Choir, Treble Tones, Choral Union, Trevecca Symphony Orchestra, Musical Theatre Ensemble, Opera Workshop, Trevecca Master Chorale, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Pep Band, and Percussion Ensemble.

WNAZ–89.1 FM, WNRZ–91.5 FM, & WENO–760 AM—University owned radio stations serve as training facilities and provide religious and music programs for the Nashville community. TFMStudents receive hands-on training on a campus-only broadcast facility preparing them for production and announcing duties on WNAZ and WENO.

Dramatic Arts Program—Each year, students from all fields of study assist the Department of Communication Studies in the production of plays for the University community. These productions provide students with valuable experience in all aspects of theatre. The plays are open to the public and are attended by the Nashville community. Many of these students also receive opportunities to attend the annual American College Theatre Festival and the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

Cultural Arts Series—Outstanding programs of cultural enrichment are presented during the year. Nationally known artists in various fields as well as local and regional performers participate in these events.

Honor Society—This society is composed of students (sophomores and above) who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5. Seniors with a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher are eligible for election to the Zeta Chapter of the National Nazarene Honor Society, Phi Delta Lambda.


Intramural Association—This student organization maintains an active program of intramural athletics for both men and women. Students may participate in a variety of athletic activities throughout the year.

Service Opportunities—The Mission Club and Campus Ministries provide stimulating and challenging outlets for various types of service both on and off campus. Service opportunities are also available through the Business Department Club—Phi Beta Lamba.

Commencement Activities

Five junior students who have distinguished themselves either through academic achievement or student leadership have the honor of being junior marshals and flagbearers in the annual Commencement ceremonies. Junior students who have been selected for the following positions during the upcoming school year will be asked to participate: SGA president (school flag), senior class president (American flag), and SGA vice president for religious life (Christian flag). If any of these individuals are not juniors or are not able to participate, replacements will be made from student leaders. Marshals will be chosen from student leaders.

Student Conduct

High standards of Christian conduct are expected of all students. The use of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, possession or use of fireworks or firearms on campus, and loud or questionable conduct are prohibited. Students are not to attend or participate in entertainment, the nature or reputation of which would not be in keeping with the building of Christian character or which diminishes moral perceptivity and judgment.

The University expects its students to observe all behavioral expectations and standards of dress as outlined in the Student Handbook.

All students are permitted to bring cars to campus. However, all cars must be registered with campus security and are subject to traffic control regulations of the University and Metro Nashville.

Attendance at Trevecca Nazarene University is both a privilege and a responsibility. The University may request the withdrawal of any student who fails to comply with the standards and regulations of the institution.