Matthew Huddleston


Assistant Professor, Physics

B.A., 1994, Greenville College
M.Sc., 1999, Rice University
Ph.D., 2003, Vanderbilt University


Speaking Engagement Topics

  • A cosmological perspective on the anthropic principle [Astronomy]
  • A new perspective in space physics: The wamr plasma cloak in the Earth's magnetosphere [Science]
  • An introduction to the Earth's magnetosphere [Science]
  • Beyond "small groups": A beginner's guide to building a home church [Church]
  • Black holes: Modern theories and observations [Astronomy]
  • High-altitude ballooning as a platform for undergraduate research [Science]
  • Myth, narrative, and the hermeneutics of science [Science and Faith]
  • Parallel paradoxes: How science and Christianity deal with mystery [Adult Development]
  • The dark side of the cosmos: Are dark matter and dark energy taking over the universe? [Astronomy]
  • The lost giants: The story of a forgotten revolution in aviation [Science and History]
  • The mystery of the fourth dimension: Why we still don't understand time [Science]
  • Understanding Central America: My childhood in the Ituri rainforest [International Issues]
  • Exercise—Long-distance running [Hobbies/recreation]
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