Stats & Facts

  • Trevecca (living) alumni total 24,532

    Type of Alumnus* Total
    Undergraduate Traditional program 11,022
    Undergraduate Adult 3,369
    Graduate - Masters 7,492
    Graduate - Doctorate 343
    Alumni Non-Graduates 3,156

    * Some alumni have more than one Trevecca degree

  • 95% of traditional undergraduates receive some type of financial aid.

  • Number of students participating in mission related trips/community service in 2010-11

    • Jackson, MS (Fall Break)-11 Students
    • Jamaica (Spring Break)-13 Students
    • Peru (Summer Break)-11 Students
    • India (Summer Break)-13 Students, 2 Sponsors
    • 19 students participated in Immerse*
    • 4 graduates participated in Submerge** for 2010-2011

    * Immerse is a 12-week cultural immersion in the summer, designed to provide intensive mission internship experience for students studying mission, compassionate ministries or social justice.

    ** Submerge is a post-graduation program, in which new grads enter deeply into a new culture for one or two years. The program is designed as a next step for those interested in cross-cultural mission. The goal is to take these grads to even greater depth in a culture, while providing needed personnel for new works for the Church of the Nazarene.

Breakdown of Giving Designations:

Comparative chart showing our % of Alumni giving vs. peer and aspirant Universities.

Church support

Trevecca is one of 54 worldwide colleges, universities and seminaries affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene. The churches within the Southeast Region generously support Trevecca with gift support totaling more than $2 million annually. All of these funds are used to support student scholarships.

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