Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca extends community on Nance Lane

(This article was published in the September 2013 issue of TrevEchoes - written by Tyler Whetstone and Sarah Suits.)

A plan that has been 20 years in the making is finally coming to fruition.

Trevecca is building houses on Nance Lane behind the athletic fields as a way to boost and expand its community.

Walden Woods at Trevecca is already under construction.

The homes are purchased by the homeowner at market value and everything from the brick inward belongs to the owner, but everything from the brick outward belongs to Trevecca, plant operations director Glen Linthicum said.

The homes will range from $200,000 to $300,000 each. According to Linthicum there are families who are “very interested and ready to pull the trigger” on purchasing homes near Trevecca.

Many of the homes will have families move into them with the stipulation of returning the house back into the care of Trevecca. The ones that don’t automatically get returned to the University, Trevecca will have purchasing priority and be able to post their offer before others.

Individuals not associated with Trevecca will not be considered for purchasing homes, Linthicum said.

“Many years ago, there were conversations about whether Trevecca should stay in this area, but we have realized that we are meant to be here to reclaim the neighborhood,” Pusey said. “That is a key motivating factor [for building these houses].”

Another reason for the construction of these homes is for the purpose of developing scholarships for the students who attend Trevecca.

“From a financial vantage point, some of these will be life estates, where a person has paid for a home and then turned around and donated that home to Trevecca, and they retain the right to live in that home for the rest of their days and then it reverts to Trevecca” said President Dan Boone.

All profit will go toward scholarships, both immediately and long term.

According to Steve Pusey, University provost, the construction of these houses will strengthen the sense of community relationships. Pusey and his wife Gail are moving into one of the houses currently being built.

“It has been a great desire of Trevecca as a whole to minister to the neighborhoods around us. By expanding our borders, we are making our presence known more and more to the surrounding homes and businesses,” Pusey said.

The construction of these homes will be ongoing for some time with various houses being finished at different times. However the extent to how large Walden Woods will be is still unknown.

“We haven’t decided what it’s going to be, but it’s somewhere between 30-120 (homes),” Boone said. “It all depends on what we think there’s demand for.”

The Pusey’s home will be finished in December of 2013.