What is MyFiles?

MyFiles allows you to access files on or off campus using a web browser. You can view, create or edit existing documents, without having to go through Citrix.

How to access and use MyFiles

  1. Open a web browser of your choice and go to:

  2. A log in window will appear. Enter your TNU username, enter your password, and then press OK.
    *NOTE: Selecting the check box to Remember my credentials is not recommended on home computers if others use it, too.

  3. After successfully logging in, you will see a list of network shares you have access to on the far left. Click image below for a larger view.

  4. Navigate network shares by clicking on the folder on the left sidebar.

Create a New Document

  1. To create a new document, navigate to the folder you wish the document to be created in.

  2. On the MyFiles Toolbar, click on File > New > and select which file type. Alternatively, right-clicking anywhere in the white space to the right will also present a window to allow you to create new documents.

  3. Newly created documents will appear with a NEW icon to the right of the file name.

Edit an Existing Document

  1. To edit a document, right-click the document, click on View, edit and sharing, then click Edit in MS Office. (You will need Microsoft Office installed locally to edit documents.)

  2. Click OK at the security prompt.

  3. It will prompt you for a username and password. If you previously selected the check box to save the password, you need only to press "OK" as it should have saved your password (indicated with solid dots). Otherwise, type in your username and password.

  4. If you open a file of a different file type (Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, etc.) it will prompt you for your log in information again. If you open multiple documents of the same file type at the same time, it will only prompt you the first document opened.

  5. Saving the document saves it directly on the network share.

Upload a File

  1. To upload files, click on the Upload button located on the MyFiles Toolbar.

  2. A window will appear allowing you to upload multiple files at once.

  3. For additional information regarding the upload functionalities, please consult the
    User Manual located at the top (below the Trevecca logo).


  1. To log out of My Files, click the Logout button in the top right.


Smartphone / Tablet Access

You can access MyFiles from your smartphone or tablet device.

  1. Open a web browser on your device and go to:
  2. At the log in prompt, type in your username and then your password and click OK.
  3. A list of available network shares will be shown.

View Document

  1. Select and highlight the file you wish to view.
  2. A new icon will appear in the lower left called File. Click on File.
  3. Click on View in Browser.