SchoolDude IT Work Request

What is SchoolDude?

SchoolDude is a work order system used by the IT and Plant Operations departments at TNU. Some great benefits of SchoolDude include:

  • A "One-stop Shop" for both Plant Ops and ITS for online work request submissions
  • Can use SchoolDude from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Check the status of your work request online, including notes added by the assigned technician
  • Know "WHO" is assigned your work request (for IT requests) and communicate DIRECTLY with the assigned technician from within SchoolDude
  • Track closed work requests and view what action was taken to resolve
  • View assets (inventory) assigned to you, such as computers, monitors, etc.

How to Access?

To submit or view work requests, you must login using your TNU user name and password. Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. At this time, Google Chrome is not working. Internet Explorer users must use garden\ in front of the user name.

Plant Operations Work Request

Please visit their website here:

Instructions - Video/Audio Only

Basic Overview

Instructions - Text/Images Only

Once you have logged into SchoolDude, you will receive a prompt to click "Yes" if that is really you. Click Yes. The tabs at the top can be clicked on at any time. The Maint Request tab is for Plant Operations; the IT Request tab for ITS.

Insert all applicable details. Anything with a red checkbox is a required field. The fields without the red checkbox are optional. Remember that more details are always better than too little.

Submitted Wrong Information?

If you submitted incorrect information (wrong date or location, forgot to add information, etc.) you can change this immediately after submitting the request. At the My Requests tab, locate your work request and click on the Work Order / Incident # on the left side. Update with the new information and re-submit. You will not be able to update this once the work request has been assigned to someone or the status has changed from New Request; therefore, you must contact ITS or Plant Operations for corrections.

Checking the Status

After you have submitted a work request or you contact the ITS HelpDesk or Plant Operations regarding an issue, the work request generated will be viewable on the My Requests tab in SchoolDude. After you click this tab, it defaults to the My Maint Requests which is for Plant Operations. For IT requests, click on the text link for My IT Requests.

Some example statuses are as follows: New Request, Work In Progress, Parts on Order, Waiting More Information, Closed Incident, etc.

Checking the Progress

Under My Requests, a column is designated for information pertaining to the work order such as: Action Taken, who it is Assigned To (for IT only), and Problem Type. The assigned technician will update the Action Taken with important information while working on the work request (if applicable) and necessary information upon completion.

Communicating with Assignee (IT Work Request only)

Under My Requests, the column containing Assigned To will have the assignee name visible once it has been assigned. (If it's blank white space, this means it has not been assigned to someone yet.) The name is a clickable link. The following is an example image of what appears upon clicking this link.

The E-mail To field will have inserted the assignee's e-mail address. Your name and e-mail address will appear automatically. You may change the subject to whatever you wish, and enter information into the Message area as if it were an e-mail. SchoolDude sends an e-mail to the assignee with your message.

The assignee may use this method to communicate to you as well. If you receive an e-mail from SchoolDude Message Center, a link will be provided for you to click on and allows you to reply to the message.