ITS Audio Visual Frequently Asked Questions

As always, please contact our HelpDesk (HelpDesk@trevecca.edu or 615-248-1223) with any emergency questions or specific concerns, but listed below are some of the common questions that are asked about our AV equipment and services.

Q.  How do I use your classroom equipment?
A.  CLICK HERE to view the instruction sheet for our standard classroom equipment.

Q.  What if my laptop isn't showing up on the projector?
A.  CLICK HERE to view instructions on displaying your laptop screen onto the presentation projector and screen.

Q.  How do I use a projector that I've checked out from the ITS HelpDesk?
A.  Depending on the settings that were used when the last person checked out one of our loaner projectors, the image that you see when you power on the projector may be upside down, backwards, or other settings may be incorrect.  Follow the below links to access information regarding your specific needs

  1. CLICK HERE to view projector features
  2. CLICK HERE to view how to connect to the projector
  3. CLICK HERE to view how to project an image properly
  4. CLICK HERE to view different image options including orientation
  5. CLICK HERE to view the troubleshooting guide

Q.  What is the Cable Channel selection on campus?
A.  Please CLICK HERE to view the Comcast Channel listing for both ANALOG and DIGITAL channels.  TNU is a 'hybrid' campus where the dorm buildings will remain ANALOG and the administration/classroom buildings are DIGITAL.  Our TREVECCA announcement channel for ANALOG is 32 and for DIGITAL is 920.

Q.  What wireless microphone frequencies do you have on campus?
A.  Please CLICK HERE to view the list of wireless microphone frequencies that are used on campus.  This may be important if you are visiting our campus with event supplied equipment that could interfere with our frequencies.

Q.  How do I create an acceptable Power Point Presentation for your campus?
A.  CLICK HERE to view tips that may help you create a Power Point to look its best on our presentation equipment.

This document is from www.iasted.org.

Q.  What are some of the technical aspects of my live event that I need to consider?
A.  CLICK HERE to view an event checklist that may help.