ITS Audio Visual Procedures

Please review the proper TNU ITS Audio Visual procedures below to ensure standards are met and your experience is exceptional.

Equipment Check-Out

Please CLICK HERE to read our policy regarding the check-out process and use of our loaner equipment.  TNU ITS has several pieces of equipment available, please visit our Equipment and Services page to view our inventory.

Event Technician

If you feel you require a technician outside of our normal hours or for the duration of your event due to the level of production involved in your presentation, please review our procedure by CLICKING HERE.


Showing exemplary presentations (PowerPoint, Easy Worship, Videos, etc…) during chapel/events is a way TNU can make a lasting impression on visitors as well as those around us.  All chapel/event presentations need to be standardized on our campus to alleviate some of the common errors that occur.   
To accomplish this goal please CLICK HERE to review our recommended procedure.

Video Recording Service

Trevecca offers 3 ways to handle video needs for your event.  Please CLICK HERE to view the options and instructions about how to proceed.

Lobby/Event Music

TNU pays annual BMI/ASCAP dues in order to host live performances.  These same dues cover TNU owned and purchased music to be played in any public areas on campus that have sound systems (lobbies, special event rooms, sporting events, etc).  To play unapproved and non-TNU purchased music in public locations puts Trevecca at risk of the BMI/ASCAP regulations.

Q.  How do I purchase music?
A. If you wish to purchase music to be played in a public area on campus or for an event, please send a list of the music (artist & title) to a SchoolDude request ( ) along with the budget code to charge.  We will then download into our music library.  Please CLICK HERE to view our current collection of music..

Q.  How do I get my purchased music onto the iPod?
A.  We will download the music and load onto the dedicated iPod devices assigned to certain areas on TNU campus.  We also have an Ipod that can be checked out and used in special event rooms or other areas with a sound system.  If you would like a music player purchased for your department for this purpose, we will be happy to help you place the order.

Q.  Why can’t I just use Pandora or Spotify to play music at my event or in public areas?
A.  That would be illegal.  Please visit for more information.