Change Your Password

Please enroll into our password/account reset tool by clicking HERE!

How To Change Your Default TNU Network Account Password

After becoming fully registered students, which includes submitting all required paperwork and fulfilling all financial obligations, ITS will create unique network and e-mail accounts for each student. Please note that this process may take 24-48 hours.

Your network username will comprise your first initial, middle initial and last name. For example, if your name is David M. Smith, your network username will be dmsmith. If you do not have a second name or initial, your network username will comprise your first initial and last name. We will resolve duplicate name conflicts by dropping a middle initial (if one exists) or by adding a numeral at the back of the user name. For example, in the case of a conflict for Donna M. Smith, her network username will be dsmith, or dmsmith1 (if dsmith is already taken).

Your initial network password will be 12 digits long; comprising the uppercase letter "T", the lowercase letter "r", the last 4 digits of your SSN followed by the last 6 digits of your student ID number. If you do not have an official social security number, please contact the ITS HelpDesk for assistance.

You have two ways to change your default TNU network account password:

  • On/Off Campus via the password/account reset tool

    • The TNU password/account reset tool will allow you to reset your password or unlock your account. Click here: and enter your username and password. Click HERE for more detailed instructions.

  • On Campus via Computer Labs or Library

    • Computer labs and the public computers in the library allow direct access to the TNU network. Click HERE for more detailed instructions.

Please use the following criteria to create your new password:

  • Must be at least 8 characters (more if you desire)
  • Must not be any of the last 4 passwords used
  • Cannot use any part of your name or username (3 letters or more in a row)
  • Your password MUST contain 3 of the following 4 characters:
    • Uppercase
    • Lowercase
    • Number
    • Special Character

*NOTE: You will be required to change your network password once every 90 days.