Cable TV

Each dorm room is equipped with a cable TV connection. Cable TV is provided by Comcast with a limited number of channels available. No premium channels are provided and students do not have the ability to order or change their service. Televisions with cable connections are also available across campus in public areas and classrooms. The University runs programming on two cable channels on campus for events and announcements. These channels are only viewable on campus connected televisions.

Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp is a remote access client that allows users to securely connect to our network from off campus and remotely run applications loaded on the Citrix servers. Available applications include:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Visio, OneNote, and SharePoint Designer.
  • Access to MyTNU
  • Library Applications - Library ProQuest, Tennessee Electronic Library, Library Online Catalog
  • Lab Applications - Minitab 16, SPSS 18, MultiSim 7
  • Various other instructional software

Classroom Technology

Every classroom TWS (Teacher WorkStation) on campus is now equipped with the following hardware:

  • PC & monitor

    PCs are fully equipped with ample processing power. Each TWS has an LCD flat screen or Sympodium.

  • SMART Board

    SMART Boards are a large interactive touch-sensitive whiteboard designed to support presentations and motive learners. It is controlled through the PC at the TWS.

  • Sympodium

    Alternative to a SMART Board, the Sympodium serves as a monitor for the PC at the TWS but also allows you to write/draw on its screen with a digital pen which will display through the data projector onto a larger screen on the wall. Like the SMART Board, it is designed to enhance presentations and engage learners.

  • Data Projector

    Projects data/image to a large screen or SMART Board for easy classroom viewing.

  • Document Camera

    Works through the data projector to display documents or small objects on a screen or SMART Board.

  • DVD Playback

    Able to play DVD media from PC through the data projector.

  • Crestron Touch Panel

    Menu-driven control panel for all components at the Teacher WorkStation (PC, laptop, projector, DVD/VHS player, volume, etc.)


Trevecca has standardized all lab computers with Dell Optiplex PCs (towers) or Apple iMacs (Music Lab only).

PC Labs (non-Apple)

Each lab computer and Teacher Workstation is equipped with the following software:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Visio, OneNote, and SharePoint Designer
  • Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6 SP2
  • Adobe Reader X or greater
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Windows Media Player 11 or greater
  • Deep Freeze - Users get to enjoy an unrestricted computing experience. After the computer reboots, any changes made by the user are removed from the computer. This allows the ITS personnel to be freed from tedious HelpDesk requests, constant system maintenance, and continous configuration drift while allowing users the freedom they need in order to enhance their computing experience.
  • Vision - Software that allows the professor complete control over lab computers from an easy-to-use console that shows each student's screen in the lab.
  • Variouos course dependent applications - Statistical (SPSS 19, Minitab 16), Mathematical (Maple 14), etc.

Public PC Labs (3)

  • Mackey Education - 27 PCs
  • Boone Business Building - 25 PCs
  • CLCS (Formerly Bud Robinson) - 20 PCs

See our Lab Schedule.

Public PCs

  • Hub - 4 PCs - Lower level of Jernigan Building
  • Cube - 3 PCs - Lobby of Boone Business Building
  • Library - Main level of Waggoner (Access hours that match the library hours.)
    • 16 Dell Optiplex 790 PCs
    • 14 Dell Latitude E6400 Laptops (Can be used wirelessly.)

Dorm Labs

  • Georgia Hall - 4PCs
  • Johnson Hall - 4 PCs
  • Tennessee Hall - 4 PCs
  • Benson Hall - 6 PCs

COWs (Classroom on Wheels)

A COW consists of a large mobile cart containing Dell laptops that can be used for instructional technology purposes. The carts can be physically rolled from one classroom to another or even between buildings in some cases in order to provide computers for students in certain classes. The laptops connect to our wireless system for internet access. The COW location and number of laptops available are listed below:

  • Mackey Education - 25 laptops
  • Boone Business Building - 30 laptops
  • Greathouse Science - 48 laptops (2 COWs, each with 24 laptops)
  • Adams Administration - 20 laptops


Connect is a learning management system used by Trevecca. This collaborative learning environment was developed specifically to meet the needs of higher education.  Instructors use the program to supplement the face-to-face classes and to deliver the hybrid and online courses.  An online orientation is required for all students and instructors using the Connect system.  Connect operates using the Sakai learning platform.  For more information or for training on the system, please contact the Center for Online Learning at

Emergency Systems

The University is very serious about protecting the lives and property of all our students and employees.


    The University has installed two sirens located at opposite ends of the university that can be initiated by different siren sounds that correlate with each message. We provide a link for individuals to familiarize themselves with each sound in the event an emergency situation occurred on campus. Learn more.


    Trevecca offers a free emergency alert system that will warn subscribers by phone or e-mail when the potential for a campus emergency exists. This service has the capability to send both voice and text to your cell phone. Learn more.

File Storage

  • “M-Drives”

    Each student is given 2GB of disk space on one of two file servers in order to save their files (Word, Excel, Photos, Video, etc.) These files are backed up each night and if a student loses a file, ITS has the ability to recover the most current saved version of the file saved to their "M-Drive".

  • Microsoft SkyDrive

    7GB of storage space. Accessible via your Office 365 e-mail account.

Internet Access

Trevecca provides wireless internet access available across campus as well as high speed wired connections in each dorm room and various other locations across campus.

Students and employees can take advantage of the secure wireless to access a network protected against unauthorized users.


  • Printing and Photocopying
  • Visual or Hearing needs
  • Laptops for students to check out
  • Instructional Resource Center (IRC) - Library's media resources, educational software programs, and media production tools.

See Library Access Hours.


MyTNU is an on campus Intranet site used for announcements, calendar, information on campus life, prayer requests, classifieds, and links to various resources such as discounted pricing on Dell and Apple computers as well as Microsoft software.

Network and E-mail Accounts

  • Each fully registered student is assigned a unique network account which allows the students to logon to any lab computer and use the applications available on those PCs to assist in their education.

  • A Microsoft Office 365 e-mail account is also set up for each student. More information is located here.

Ricoh Multi-Function Printers

Dorms, labs, pubilc areas (lobby of Boone Business Building & Library)

  • Charge = $.08 per page
  • Printer, Copier, Scanner, E-mail
  • Fax send/receive available in select locations

Self-Service Web Portal

Self-Service is a web portal that allows students to use a web browser to access their personal student information in PowerCAMPUS (our Student Information System), including course information, grades, unofficial transcripts, account balances, and chapel attendance.


Resident students receive a voicemail number upon check-in at the dorms. In addition, all dorm rooms contain a telephone equipped with a voicemail "message waiting" light. The University provides local telephone service only and all local calls are free.